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Article: The Stasher Gift Guide for Everyone & Every Occasion

Stasher Sustainable Gift Guide

The Stasher Gift Guide for Everyone & Every Occasion

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide The Stasher Gift Guide for Everyone & Every Occasion

Honoring moms, dads, or grads? Celebrating a new birth or another birthday? Expressing your love or celebrating a union of love? We’ve got you covered with these creative and eco-conscious ideas for everyone and every occasion — all wrapped up in Stasher bowls and bags, the gift that keeps giving (to the recipient and the planet) each time it’s reused. 

Scroll to browse 12 inspired ideas, or use the links below ↓ and jump to a section that sounds right for your person. Oh, and don’t be shy about letting loved ones know your gift preferences — share this guide and give ‘em a hint-hint!

The NurturerThe ExperiencerThe Movie LoverThe Home ChefThe Cookie Connoisseur ◦ The MixologistThe Outdoor EnthusiastThe GlobetrotterThe NesterThe Kid ConductorThe Gym-GoerThe Conscious Consumer

Stasher Self-Care Kit

The Nurturer

Know that special someone who’s a giver, always there to help a friend or stranger in need? These people tend to set aside their own well-being, so it’s our job to make sure they feel loved and nurtured, too. Enter, the personalized self-care kit. Simply fill a Stasher (or three) with items your recipient can use to feel pampered (think: home spa kit) and indulged (hello, homemade baked goods and artisan chocolates). 

Recommended wrappers: Sandwich Two-Tone Trio, Bowl 3-Pack

Gift Ideas for people who prefer experiences

The Experiencer

You can’t go wrong gifting an experience — preferably one that includes you! Tickets to an event, a night on the town, or a getaway adventure are all great, but here’s an idea that lives beyond the moment: A personalized picnic. Set a date, pick a beautiful spot, and pack an abundance of the giftee’s favorite foods in Stasher bags and bowls. Then, load up a picnic basket or cooler (don’t forget the reusable plates, cups, and utensils) and enjoy quality time celebrating the occasion. When the picnic is over, send your loved one home with the leftovers packed in Stashers they can keep — and endlessly reuse — as a memento of the fun experience.

Experience essentials: Bowl 5-Pack, Bowl 3-Pack, Storage 4-Pack, Stand-Up Trio 

Gift ideas for movie lovers

The Movie Lover

Here’s an idea for flick fanatics that’s both an experience and a reusable gift: a low waste movie night kit! Fill an assortment of Stasher bags with goodies purchased from the bulk bins — popcorn kernels (Stasher microwave popcorn is a life-changing hack), sweets, nuts, dried fruit, trail mix — anything to help make movie night a special occasion. Add favorite beverages and a cozy blanket to enhance the experience.  

Watch list: For microwave popcorn, Stasher Bowls or Stand-Up Bags are a great option that lets you prep, pop, and eat from the same container (we recommend going BIG on size). Snack Bags are the perfect size for a variety of sweet and savory nibbles.

Gift ideas for people who love to cook

The Home Chef

This is for that giftee who loves to cook and has mastered the use of every kitchen appliance out there — from sous vide to instant pot to air fryer and beyond. But maybe they don’t know this: Stasher food-grade silicone bags and bowls are radically functional beyond storage and organization — they’re microwave safe, a better option for sous vide cooking than single-use plastic bags, and hold up in boiling water or oven temps up to 425° Fahrenheit. In other words, every home chef needs Stasher reusables in their culinary toolkit. Wrap up an assortment of bags with a note that points them to where they’ll find information about cooking with Stasher and a buffet of recipe inspo.

Kitchen essentials: Foodie Favorites, Meal Prep Storage 6-Pack, Quart Duo

Gift ideas for people who love to bake

The Cookie Connoisseur

Can we all agree that the best invention since sliced bread is frozen cookie dough ready to pop in the oven for fresh baked cookies in minutes? Gifting cookie dough in Stasher bags is one of our favorite DIY ideas, and it’s so simple. Prepare the dough for your gift recipient’s favorite cookies, shape it into balls, freeze, and store in Stasher bags or bowls until the occasion. Be sure to include baking instructions — you can even write them directly on the Stasher with a chalk marker. Your loved one will think this is the most a-dough-able gift ever. 

Best for big batches: 6-Cup Bowl, 8-Cup Bowl, Stand-Up Mega Duo, Storage Bowls & Bags 4-Pack, Stand-Up Trio

Gift ideas for people who like cocktails

The Mixologist

Cheers for this clever gift idea! 🍸 Pack a Stand-Up Mega bag or 8-Cup bowl with small bottles of spirits that nestle nicely inside. Or, DIY an infusion in the Stasher (inspo here and here) knowing you can transport it to the recipient without, ahem, leakage. Add accessories, recipe ideas, and mix-ins to complete the personalized minibar.

Serving suggestions: Stand-Up Mega Duo, 8-Cup Bowl

Gift ideas for people who love camping

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Whatever the occasion, anyone who loves outdoor activities — hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing, paddling, etc. — is bound to be a planet protector who embraces the “leave no trace” ethos. Help them enter the outdoors with less waste by creating a Stasher kit. Anything food-oriented is always a hit: try a DIY s’mores kit, s’mores-inspired sweets, trail mix, or energy bars. (For more food-in-the-wild inspiration, we have blog posts with the best camping and backpacking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack ideas.) While less mouth-watering, an outdoor survival kit packed with essentials — first aid supplies, sunscreen, bug spray — is a gift that lets your recipient know you want to protect them and the nature-made playground they love. 

Get outside go-tos: Camping & Hiking Bags

Gift ideas for people who love to travel

The Globetrotter

Gift your favorite wanderluster a reusable travel kit that’s leak-free and worry-free — no more arriving at a destination only to find travel toiletries have exploded onto luggage contents! (Thanks, patented Pinch-Loc® seal.) Fill your choice of TSA-friendly Stasher bags or bowls with toiletries, beauty products, snacks, or handy reusables like straws, utensils and a collapsible cup. If you’re the generous gifter who likes to include a travel voucher, every globetrotter wants to be on your gift list!

Packing list: Travel-Friendly Bags

Baby shower & wedding shower gift ideas

The Nester

For showers, weddings, and housewarmings, we typically lean into gifts that are used for setting up and organizing a home. Stasher bundles are perfect for these occasions. Choose to fill each bag with items the recipient might need, or leave them empty. Either way, Stasher bags and bowls are something everyone can use in every room at home, and beyond. 

Nesting necessities: Starter Kit 13-Pack, Starter Plus 9-Pack, Starter Kit 7-Pack

Gift ideas for busy moms and dads

The Kid Conductor

We all have that friend or loved one who’s constantly in motion, schlepping a bag or backpack filled with everything from baby / kid gear to office necessities, school supplies, and food to-go. Help them organize bag chaos with a supply of Stasher bags and bowls for everything. Fill each one with helpful items — maybe even place them inside a cool new bag or backpack! 

What’s in our bags: Go Bag (obviously — that easy-clip carabiner comes in handy), Snack and Sandwich bags (also great for wrangling items like reusable wipes, charger cords, sunscreen, etc.), Pocket bags (perfect for all the tiny treasures).

Gift ideas for people who exercise

The Gym-Goer

Anyone who can sustain a regular fitness routine deserves a gym bag organized with sustainable, leak-free reusables that are highly functional (just like their workouts) and easy to clean (unlike their sweaty clothes). That’s why we love this concept of a Gym Bag Kit — a variety of Stasher bags and bowls that keep everything organized. Fill them with accessories, like microfiber towels, workout recovery snacks (these DIY protein bars are a nice touch), a set of earbuds, or a fitness tracking device.

Gym bag kit must-haves: Stand-Up Mega or Half Gallon Bag (for keeping sweaty items separate), Go Bag (clip it to the gym bag for securing a phone, keys, and other valuable), Snack Bag or 1-Cup Bowl (perfect for post-workout snacks), Pocket Bag (so those earbuds don’t get lost).

Gift ideas for conscious consumers

The Conscious Consumer

Is there someone in your life who cares deeply about sustainability and protecting the planet? That person is our Stasher soulmate - living a life with less plastic. For this eco-conscious loved one, select anything from the Ocean Forest Collection, and share the story of how it helps support SeaTrees, a nonprofit program focused on reforesting “blue carbon” ocean ecosystems that sequester large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Give the gift that gives back to the planet.

Dive in: Ocean Forest Collection

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