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Article: Stasher x SeaTrees: An Ocean Forest Deep Dive

Stasher Ocean Forest Collection supporting SeaTrees

Stasher x SeaTrees: An Ocean Forest Deep Dive

Reusable silicone bags that help preserve ocean ecosystems | Stasher These reusable bags help preserve ocean ecosystems | Stasher

Seas the Solution

A whopping 83% of the world’s carbon cycle is stored in the ocean — up to 20 times more carbon per acre than land forests — making the preservation of oceans critical to decreasing carbon emissions. That’s why Stasher has been on a mission to design radically functional products that inspire everyone to eliminate single-use plastic, and ultimately stop it from harming ocean ecosystems. It’s also why we've committed to supporting high-impact nonprofits aligned with this cause.

But why SeaTrees, you ask?

Within the ocean’s ecosystem, kelp and other “sea trees” are vitally important thanks to their carbon sequestration superpowers. As part of its natural lifecycle, kelp breaks off and sinks into the deep sea along with the carbon it contains. In fact, the latest science shows that the world’s kelp forests are estimated to sequester at least as much carbon as the world's mangrove forests, which are also a vitally important part of “blue carbon” coastal ecosystems. Thanks to SeaTrees, more than 1.5 million sea trees have been planted or restored.  

Save the (Sea) Trees with the Ocean Forest Collection

Now we know: kelp forests and other sea trees are carbon harboring superheroes. Let’s take action to protect their superpowers from the kryptonite of climate change. 

Meet the Ocean Forest Collection, an exclusive collaboration with SeaTrees designed to make big waves supporting their efforts to reforest blue carbon ecosystems. Through our partnership, this collection will help #SaveWhatMatters by restoring approximately 8,000 square feet of kelp forests in Palos Verdes, California.

Each time you use (and reuse) your Ocean Forest bags, think of the vibrant, colorful habitat that inspired their creation and applaud the actions you’re taking to protect these vital ecosystems.

Stasher Ocean Forest Collection

Kelp (Green)

This rich green gives thanks to kelp forests across the globe. Beyond providing food and shelter for ocean life, kelp has the power to sequester up to 20 times more carbon than land forests. Simply put, kelp forests love to snack on carbon (like how we devour nuts and other goodies from Stasher Snack bags), sucking it out of the atmosphere. 

Deep Ocean (Navy)

When you dive into that snack pulled from your Deep Ocean Snack or Go bags, imagine diving into the depths of the deep blue sea where sequestered carbon is laid to rest while spectacular life flourishes, thanks to the work of SeaTrees and others (like you!) who are helping to protect these vital ecosystems. 

Sea Urchin (Purple)

The purple Sea Urchin Sandwich and Stand-Up Mid bags are a reflection of the beautiful native species whose population has exploded due to climate change disruptions. With kelp as a primary food source for sea urchins, more than 90% of ocean forests along the Northern California coast have vanished. SeaTrees works with The Bay Foundation and local urchin fisherman to restore healthy sea urchin population levels, ensuring that kelp forests continue to grow and thrive. 

Coral (Peach)

The Coral Pocket, Sandwich, and Stand-Up Mini bags represent the colorful marine invertebrates that are critical for healthy ocean ecosystems, serving as a vital habitat for approximately 25% of global marine life. About half of the world’s coral reefs have perished in the last 30 years, and more than 60% of the remaining reefs are threatened by human activity. (We highly recommend the documentary Chasing Coral on Netflix.) The good people at SeaTrees also work to restore coral ecosystems that are vital to coastal protection, scientific research, fishing, ecotourism, and more.

Tide Pool (Light Blue)

Where the shore meets the sea, ebbing and flowing waters (in all their light blue glory) sustain the tide pools that house a vast ecosystem of highly adaptable plants and animals. During low tide, inhabitants endure sun exposure, increasing water temps, and vulnerability to predators. When the tide comes in, fresh seawater brings greater freedom and food, but not without other risks. The Tide Pool color (and Stasher in general) is inspired by this ecosystem’s ability to adapt and endure. With Sandwich, Half Gallon, and Stand-Up Mega bags available in Tide Pool, you have an array of options to help you #SaveWhatMatters.

Join the Sea of Change 

Go against the current of single-use plastics. Shop the Ocean Forest Collection to help our friends at SeaTrees protect and restore kelp forests.

SeaTrees, a program by nonprofit Sustainable Surf, works with communities around the world to plant and protect blue carbon coastal ecosystems like mangrove and kelp forests, seagrass, ridge-to-reef watersheds, and coral reefs.

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