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Repurpose Program

How to give your damaged
Stasher bag a new life.

Stasher bags are designed to be durable and stand the test of time. But, accidents happen! If your bag had a run-in with a new puppy, pointy pencil, or sharp shears, you can give it a second adventure for free through our repurpose program.

Most recycling facilities don’t accept silicone — but Stasher bags don’t belong in landfills. Through our partnership with TerraCycle®, your bag can be recycled into an entirely new and useful product such as playground or track surfaces. Now that’s going out in style!

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When to Reimagine

First things first: Make sure your damaged Stasher bag is really a goner, because small punctures or tears don’t have to be the end of your good times together.

See if there’s a creative new use for your well-loved bag, like:

storing charging cords
collecting litter while you hike
organizing papers in your glove box
packing clothing like socks or shirts

And lots more ideas here.

How To Repurpose

Once you’ve determined that your Stasher bag is ready for the great recycled beyond, just take a few easy steps:

Submit and print your FREE shipping label.
Make sure your Stasher bag is clean and food-free.
Pop it in any box or envelope and drop it off at your local UPS.
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To our friends outside the US:
Stay tuned for our international recycling program
— we’re working on it!

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