Stasher is a patented, award-winning design that is eco-friendly, environmentally safe, and long-lasting. Stasher is the smart alternative to plastic.


A rebel and someone who has always questioned the status quo: that’s Kat Nouri, CEO and Founder of Stasher. Her airtight, reusable silicone bag — that you can cook, store, and freeze — has disrupted the food storage industry and prevented millions of single-use plastics from piling up in landfills and polluting our oceans.

The word “no” has never slowed her down, but rather challenged her to get more creative. As an immigrant, a woman, and a mother of three, Kat is committed to standing up for the rights and opportunities of other women, and to motivating people to protect our planet. Her drive and passion has turned an award-winning innovation into a global movement.

“Growing up, healthy choices were a natural way of life,” says Nouri. Her father was an athlete, and a serial entrepreneur, with a background in agriculture. Her mother was a PhD in nutrition with a strong sense of spirituality. “My mom was obsessed with reading labels of packaged foods, and she always said what you cook and store your food in should be just as important as what you eat. She never let us wrap our food in foil or plastic and basically taught us to be health-conscious consumers from the get-go.”

Kat discovered a passion for sales and marketing at IBM, but was constantly drawn to design and innovation, itching to carve out her own path, always looking for new adventures. When her engineer husband began a semiconductor manufacturing company in the Bay Area, Kat jumped in to help grow the business and the entrepreneurial bug caught hold.

In 2005, she started Modern-twist, elevating food-grade silicone as a safe, luxe product for tabletop, baby, and kids. But as a pioneer in the plastic-free movement for the past decade, she was constantly in search of better alternatives to single-use plastic bags and containers. “A big turning point was when I got involved with other mission-driven social entrepreneurs who believe it’s up to manufacturers to create responsible products. This drove me beyond my own ambitions to take action,” she explains.

And that’s when Stasher was born. “I built the company that I wished existed, centered on positivity, activism, wellness, and transparency.” And it’s not just talk. As a Certified B Corporation and a 1% for the Planet business partner, Stasher takes pride in accountability. The company supports non-profits in environment conservancy and female empowerment through philanthropy, volunteering, and community activism.

Today, Stasher has become a leader in the plastic-free movement, fueled by a powerful grassroots following and passionate employees. “Our team thrives on progress, and we never lose sight of the big picture: To design a plastic-free world with consumer choices at the center. Our secret sauce as a team — we have fun doing work that has real impact!”

“Business has the power to be a champion for society and the environment,” says Nouri. “We’re out to make big changes by giving people beautifully designed alternatives to single-use plastics that are more functional, save consumers money, and give everyone the ability to feel good about positive choices that benefit future generations.”