PSA: National S'more Day is Approaching. Here's Your Official Excuse to Break Out The Marshmallows

Nothing brings back the essence of summers of youth faster than a s'more. In fact, we can track very clear and concise correlations between cooking these sweet treats over a campfire in the wilderness or over an open flame at your kitchen stove (no judgements — a s'more is a s'more), to increased levels of happiness. Hey, it's just science. 

With that, it's an obvious no-brainer that we'd be celebrating National S'more Day in a big way. Whether you burn your 'mallows to a dark crisp or lightly toast them so they're still springy, check out these delectable recipes you can make near or far. 

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And if you do decide to pack your s'more ingredients for a trip outdoors (or just want to keep them handy in the cupboard), may we suggest storing your ingredients in a Stasher for maximum planet-friendly freshness? You knew we were going to anyway. 


How are you grubbin' on National S'more Day? Share your pics and delights with us on Instagram by tagging @Stasherbag or using #Stasherbag in your caption. 


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