Save Space, Money, and the Planet: 5 Dorm Room Essentials You Can Swap For a Stasher

Back to school shopping gets turned up a notch when you're prepping for dorm life. Not only do school supplies like pens, backpacks, and notebooks make the list, but so do living essentials like microwaves, hot plates, and mini fridges. Dorm room living at its finest! 
It can all add up — not only in dollars but in space, too. But we have a solution to save you space and help save the planet, too: our new Starter Kit, which comes with seven Stasher bags in various sizes to help your college student maintain a minimalist lifestyle (without feeling like they're missing anything). 
  1. Plastic baggies. Think about how many single-use plastics and plastic bags the average American goes through in a year and it's enough to make you dizzy. Great news: if you only swapped plastic baggies with a Stasher to store food, you're already helping to make a huge, important, positive impact on the environment. Starter Kits come with a Stand Up, Half Gallon, two Sandwich, two Snacks, and a Pocket so your collegiate can store whatever they need. 
  2. Tupperware. Tupperware (or items like it) were made to be reused, which is great but they take up a lot of space, and a lot of space is something no one has the luxury of in a dorm room. Stashers store flat and are malleable so you can fit more in your mini fridge. 
  3. Mixing bowls. Have you even seen what you can make in a Stasher?! From guacamole, to egg omelettes (you can even swap the boiling water for a microwave), to — yes — even ice cream, dorm dwellers can cut storage needs by a huge margin by just grabbing a Starter Kit instead of mixing bowls and other cookware. 
  4. Toiletry bag. Stashers are leakproof so storing and toting toiletries back and forth to the showers, in a bag for practice, or just in a backpack for mid-day refreshers becomes easy and environmentally-friendly. 
  5. Backpack organizers. The great thing about Stashers is that they can go from the dorm to a backpack to the world at large without breaking a sweat. Students can store school supplies and keep backpacks organized so they can focus on what matters. 

What are some of the ways you save space, money, and the planet? Tell us below or on Instagram by using #Stasherbag! And if you want to check out our Starter Kit, all you gotta do is hit the shop now button below. 


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