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Article: All the Ways a Stasher Starter Kit Makes Your Back to School Routines a Breeze

All the Ways a Stasher Starter Kit Makes Your Back to School Routines a Breeze

All the Ways a Stasher Starter Kit Makes Your Back to School Routines a Breeze

Summer's almost over and while the kids enjoy their final throes of sunshine and freedom, parents everywhere are probably a little conflicted — both about the joys of a normal routine and the grind of the routine itself. 

Drop-off lanes, homework, practice, game nights, packing lunches, being home in time to make dinner ... we get it. It can be a lot. Adding to that, you're also thinking about ways to reduce your plastic usage and help save the planet. NBD, Captain Planet. 

If just the thought of weekday mornings gives you the stress sweats, grab your best antiperspirant and settle in because we've got something for you: the Stasher Starter Kit, which includes our entire lineup of bags — from Stand Ups and Half Gallons to Sandwich and Snack, and even a Pocket for your smallest essentials. 

Getting the Fall Season Started Off Right 

When we thought of all the ways parents could use a hand during back to school season — or, simply refreshing your regular routine if you're sans offspring — it spanned from meal prep to storing school or office supplies, to making routines a little more streamlined. Guess what: there's a Stasher for each of those scenarios and we've included one of each in our Starter Kit

Here's the thing: saving the planet doesn't have to be a huge, grand gesture — it can be as easy as making a swap from single-use plastic baggies to a Stasher, which can be reused time and time again. 

And let's face it, fall just feels like the right time to refresh your routines, your wardrobe (fact: school shopping is the best shopping, even if you aren't in school) and your commitment to the plastic-free movement.  

So take a gander at our latest bundle, the Starter Kit, which comes in three colorways: Clear, Aqua, and a curated palette of tones in our Starter Mix. The price? $86.99. A cool 5% off the tab if you buy them separately. 

Need examples of all the ways you can use your Starter Kit? Hey, we got you covered below. 

Store and Tote School Supplies 

Organize any backpack and keep supplies neat, tidy (and air tight!). Things like: 

  • Erasers 
  • Pencil Sharpeners
  • USB drives
  • Earbuds or earplugs 
  • Paperclips and binderclips 
  • White out
  • Pencils and pens
  • Pens and highlighters
  • Crayons and markers
  • Washi tape
  • Mechanical pencil led
  • Page markers
  • Glue and glue sticks
  • Index cards or flash cards
  • Calculator
  • Post-it Notes
  • Mini stapler and staples (keep those babies in the packaging)
  • A "Life Happens" Kit: stash hand sanitizer, eye drops, mints, tampons or pads, Chapstick, hair ties and bobby pins, baby wipes in a sandwich and toss in a bag for any and all kinds of emergencies. 
  • Stuff a Snack or Sandwich with ice for a portable cold pack for lunchboxes or ice chests. 
  • Pack first aid supplies in a Half Gallon or Stand Up and take it along the next time you chaperone your kid's field trip. 
  • Bulk prep healthy and homemade baby food for the littlest ones of the bunch. 

Streamline Morning (or Anytime) Routines

Use a Sandwich, Half Gallon, or Stand Up to streamline your life.  

  • Make individual smoothie packs for nutritious and quick weekday breakfasts. 
  • Pre-pack grab and go breakfasts like egg or pumpkin muffins, oatmeal cups, or ham and egg roll-ups for you and the kids. 
  • Meal prep lunches and keep them fresher, longer with a Stasher's air-tight seal.
  • Prep freezer meals for easy weeknight dinners. Pop them in the Instant Pot and chill. 
  • Marinate fish, steaks, or other proteins in a Half Gallon and take it directly from the fridge to the oven
  • Pre-pack your gym bag and toss a spare Half Gallon (or Stand Up) in a backpack for sweaty gym clothes.
  • Create a "Kid Kit" in a Half Gallon or Stand Up to keep little ones entertained in those oh-so-boring restaurants or while waiting in lines: paper and markers for drawing, LEGOS or puzzles for building, and books for reading. 
  • Preserve slime, goo, and Play-Dough during clean-up time by putting it into a Snack or Sandwich. They're air-tight and secure to reduce spills or leaks. 
  • Pack and tote bleacher snacks or dinners for games and practices.
  • Bulk prep overnight oats for the entire family in a Stand Up. 

Gift One to a College Student 

Stasher is perfect for college since you can cook, freeze, and store in it. In fact, we'd high five you on these uses: 

  • Cook microwave meals in a Sandwich, Half Gallon or Stand Up — steam veggies, make delicious scrambled eggs, perfect omelettes, and more! 
  • Use a Stand Up as a toiletries bag for the dorm — store shampoo, soaps, loofas, moisturizers, whatever your collegiate needs for their routine. 
  • Store and tote school supplies (obviously, see point one). 
  • Use as a heating pad! Fill it with rice and stick it in the microwave. Great for after the gym or for cramps. 
  • Alternatively, fill it with ice for an instant ice compress. 
  • Keep detergent or detergent pods in a Sandwich or Half Gallon, and keep spare quarters in a Pocket for easy laundry days. 


Need more Stasher inspo? Check out how our community is using their Stashers on Instagram

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