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Article: Hair Care Storage & Organization Ideas

Hair Care Storage & Organization Ideas | Stasher

Hair Care Storage & Organization Ideas

Hair Care Storage & Organization Ideas | Stasher

If you have an extensive hair care routine, it can be a challenge to keep all of your products organized and accessible. The reality for many of us is hundreds of mysteriously lost hair ties (really, where do they all go?!), tangled cords from hair tools like straighteners or blow dryers, and a jumbled mess of extra conditioners, shampoos, and hair serums in the medicine cabinet or taking up every corner of the shower. Sound familiar?

The good news: there is a way to wrangle your hair product storage into a much tidier state, and actually maintain that organization going forward. And the answer isn’t necessarily buying an expensive organizer for hair products that takes up the entire counter or every inch of precious real estate in the cabinet under the sink! Our hair product storage ideas are small-space friendly, eco-conscious, budget friendly, and totally attainable. (Spoiler alert: leak-proof, endlessly reusable Stasher bags may have something to do with it.) 

Read on for our best organization hacks for both bathroom storage and bedroom storage so you can learn how to store hair products at home in a way that works for you.

Heat Safe Storage Solutions for Hair Styling Tools

When it comes to hair product storage, we like to tackle the bigger items first before getting too lost in the weeds of hair clips and headbands. So if you use heat styling tools like hair straighteners and need heat safe storage, this is for you!

If you have the luxury of dedicating a drawer or two in your vanity or bathroom to the cause, then consider getting heat safe trays that slide into your drawers. Silicone or metal trays create compartments to safely separate your flat iron from your curling iron, cutting down on tangled cords, jammed drawers, and lost patience.

Of course, if you don’t have a drawer available – or you have tiny drawers and a big blow dryer – don’t sweat it! The key is to look for boxes, bags, or pouches that fit your products and are also made out of a heat safe material like silicone. That way, if you put your tools away while they’re still warm, or if you rest a hot tool on that heat safe container, you won’t have the issue of melting plastic or fire hazards. And protecting your bathroom countertops or bedroom surfaces is important, too. Stasher bags, like our Half-Gallon Bag, are totally heat safe (they can even go in the oven up to 425ºF!), so they can be used as a heat-safe surface to rest hot tools on while in use or while they’re cooling down. And smaller heat tools, like mini flat irons or removable curling wand attachments, can be safely tucked away in a Stasher bag, too, keeping them contained and ready for later use.

Hooks & Hangable Hair Care Storage

One of the most useful storage ideas for small bathrooms or bedrooms is to capitalize on vertical space that often goes to waste. An easy way to use vertical space for hair product storage is to use over-the-door hooks that slide onto the top of your bedroom, bathroom, or closet door and create new storage opportunities for any hair care products that can hang, like hair ties, a hair brush with a loop or hole at the end, or hair scarves. Hooks can also be used to hang a basket or storage caddy with compartments to sort out different types of hair accessories, like hair clips and hair ties, or to neatly organize hair products like hairspray, gel, or hair oils. And easier yet are over-the-door shelves, which you can further organize using Stasher Pocket Bags to keep track of those ever-elusive bobby pins and hair elastics, or large Stand-Up Stasher Bags to serve as leak-free storage containers for hair products.

Another one of our favorite hair care organization hacks is using a pocket organizer that hangs on the back of the door. Even better, you can DIY your own pocket organizer and turn it into an organizer for hair product storage, intentionally sizing the pockets based on the specific products you need to tuck away, whether that’s for hair tools, headbands, or hair serums. The DIY method is a great bedroom storage solution in particular, because you can customize it to the colors of your decor for the sake of cohesiveness.

Magnetic Hair Product Storage Ideas

Our next hair care organization tip combines vertical storage with another organization must-have: magnets! If you have a metal medicine cabinet in your bathroom or sliding mirrored closet doors in your bedroom, then you’ll likely be able to use magnetic hooks as a homebase for hair ties, or to hook a Stasher Go Bag filled with hair clips and bobby pins (the best organizer for hair product storage!).

For more small-scale bathroom storage solutions, you can also use extra-strong disc magnets to attach Pocket Bags to a magnetic surface like the metal edge of a mirror, or a magnetic whiteboard. (To do so, just slide a strong magnet inside the Pocket Bag, keeping the magnet flush against one of the sides of the bag. Then just press that side of the bag against any magnetic surface, and voila!) Finally, rogue hair ties, clips, and bobby pins will be a thing of the past.

Leak-Free Travel Bag for Hair Care Products

Leak Free Hair Care Storage

Easy-clean, leak-free hair care storage is key, because hair products can be incredibly messy. Think: goopy conditioner, sticky hairspray residue, oily hair serums, and powdery dry shampoo – not a mess anyone wants to have to deal with!

People love Stasher bags for a million different reasons (hey, us too!), and the innovative, leak-free design tends to be at the forefront. When used as storage containers for hair products – both for at-home organization and hair care travel storage – Stasher liquid bags give you the assurance that your products won’t spill out and create a mess. And in the case that one of your product lids isn’t screwed on right, and that travel-sized hair oil gets all over the inside of the bag, damage control is easy: Stasher bags can go in the dishwasher or be washed by hand so you can clean them up anywhere, from airport bathrooms to the kitchen sink.

The way we see it, keeping your hair care tools and products organized is a small way to feel a little more calm and collected overall. In her book Outer Order, Inner Calm, Gretchen Rubin writes of the same clutter-clearing phenomenon: “When I clean up that mess, I’m always surprised by the disproportionate energy and cheer I gain, plus I’m able to find my keys.” And our wish for you is that with this hair product storage and organization guide, you’ll come away with some new ideas for corralling your clutter, and you’ll be able to find those hair ties when you need them.

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