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labeling leftovers in reusable bags

Stencils to Label Your Stasher Bags

We love labeling our Stasher reusables! Sure, you can write whatever you want, but with these pre-made stencils, you'll easily get those leftovers organized. And let everyone know these are your sn...

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winter produce storage tips

How to Store Winter Fruits & Veggies

Shopping in season = $$$ savings, local choices, and DELICIOUS produce. But what about how to store them? Here's our guide for the best way to store your winter fruits and veggies.

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Using Leftovers for Back to School Lunch

5 Ways to Repurpose Leftovers for the School Year

📚🍎 Stuck in back-to-school chaos? Help make meal prep and planning easier by utilizing leftovers for delicious (and basically brand-new) meals!

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Package-Free Sustainable Snacks for School | Stasher

8 Zero Waste Snacks for School

Waste from food packaging is a problem we can help solve with these easy ideas for package-free and zero-waste sustainable snacking. 🫐🥨🥕

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Backpack Organization Tips & Tools | Stasher

How to Organize a Backpack

Want your kids more organized for the school year? Look no further than these tips to keep your student's backpack supplies in check.

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Earth Month Stencils to Decorate Bags

6 Stasher Stencils for Spring

Happy Earth Month! In honor of our fav mother, we've made some themed stencils perfect for spring. Use these to decorate your Stasher bags and bowls after a good spring cleaning, or to talk up our ...

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Making Meals with Leftover Veggies in a Stasher Bag

Stasher Recipes to Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is not. even. a. thing! At least, not with Stasher bags and bowls, as they make it easy to revive old produce, store leftovers, and much more.

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Stasher Bag Stencils for Valentine's Day

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Ideas with Stasher Stencils

Switch from so-so to SO FUN this Valentine's Day with sustainable ideas for gifting, gramming, and more. Plus, show some love with Stasher stencils!

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How to Freeze Fruit to Enjoy All Year Long | Stasher

How to Freeze Fruit to Enjoy All Year Long

Learn how easy (and affordable) it is to freeze fresh fruit while reducing food and plastic waste. 🍑🫐🍓

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