Backpack Organization: 10 Ways Stasher Can Help

Backpack organization is a hot topic at the start of every school year. Not only on the outside — like where you store the backpacks when they aren't in school (we love this beautiful entry way idea. Talk about #housegoals) — but the inside as well. Keeping supplies organized and neat throughout the day can help your kids stay focused instead of rummaging around looking for what they need in a disaster area of loose papers, leaky pens, and crumbs from yesterday's lunch. 

Keep the mess to a minimum by using a few sturdy and durable Stashers for supply storage. Here are 10 ways you can make the magic happen: 

  1. Store pens and pencils in a Snack. 
  2. Keep rulers, protractors, paint brushes, and other long supplies in a Half Gallon. 
  3. Washi tape, stickers, and other art supplies fit nicely in a Stand Up. 
  4. Earbuds, Airpods, and other tech accessories work well in a Pocket. 
  5. Loose supplies like binder clips and staples store safely in a Sandwich. 
  6. Keep snacks in a, well ... Snack or Sandwich to fight off midday hangries. 
  7. Keep lunch money and loose change for vending machines in a Pocket. 
  8. Create a toiletry pack in a Sandwich: hand sanitizer, Band-Aids, mints, tampons, Chapstick, whatever else your students might need in a pinch.
  9. Not ready for a wallet? A Pocket can hold ID cards and emergency contact information. 
  10. Keep a smartphone safe, waterproof, and out of their hands during class by storing it in a Snack. 


How else have you used a Stasher to store school supplies? Show us by tagging us on Instagram or using #Stasherbag and we may share your images in our Stories.