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Article: 6 Stasher Stencils for Spring

Earth Month Stencils to Decorate Bags

6 Stasher Stencils for Spring

After you've given your reusable bags and bowls a good spring cleaning, have fun with themed stencils! These cute stencils are perfect for celebrating Earth Month and for making writing on your Stasher bags a fun event for the whole fam! 🌎


How to Use Stencils to Draw on a Stasher Bag

STEP 1 👉 CLICK HERE to download the pdf file that includes the 4 stencils pictured below.

Themed Stasher Stencils for BagsARTivism Stencils for Stasher BagsEco Stencils to Write on Stasher Bags

STEP 2 👉 Print the stencils, cut along the dotted guidelines, then place inside a Stasher Sandwich bag (see notes below for more bag options).

Beautiful stencils to celebrate Earth Month

STEP 3 👉 Using non-toxic chalk markers, trace the stencil on the matte side of the bag. 

Ocean themed stencils for Stasher bags

Stasher Bag Decorating Tips

  • For more about writing on Stasher bags, plus cleaning tips, read this blog
  • These stencils are designed to fit a Sandwich bag, but will also work with larger bags (QuartHalf Gallon) and Stand-Up bags
  • To minimize waste when printing stencils, find a piece of paper that’s no longer needed and use the blank side.

Please share your creations with us by tagging @stasherbag on Instagram or TikTok!

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