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Article: How to Store Winter Fruits & Veggies

winter produce storage tips

How to Store Winter Fruits & Veggies

The best thing about a new season? The FOOD! And by food, we of course mean the delicious fruits and veggies that come with each unique season. Though it may feel like you have access to whatever produce you want at any time of the year due to modern grocery stores, it’s better to shop seasonally — not only is it better for the environment, but it actually saves you money!

When you shop what’s in season, you’re more likely to shop locally (hello farmers markets!) instead of paying the toll of fruits and veggies flying in from all over the world. You’ll also save money on food waste with the right storage. Instead of reaching for plastic baggies or getting lost in lids with traditional food storage containers, Stasher bags and bowls have a leak-free seal that’ll keep food fresh for longer. And they’ll last basically forever!

But what about when there’s not much produce? It may feel like you don’t always have a colorful collection to choose from in the colder months, but even the winter season offers plenty of greens, root veggies, and even citrus! Below, we’ll tackle what popular produce is available right now and some general tips on storing — no matter the season. 

Proper Produce Storage 

Whatever season of the year we’re in, the way that you store your fruits and veggies is crucial to ensuring they stay fresh for longer. Many of us don’t know what the proper storage techniques are, so we always recommend checking out guides depending on what produce haul you have. (Psst: The USDA also offers guides for seasonal produce to help you shop.)

The basics? Store your fruit and veggies in cold, dry places, like the crisper drawer in your fridge. We also recommend using glass or other food-safe container, like platinum silicone Stasher bags. Not all silicone or silicone-like material is made equal, so make sure to check labels to ensure the silicone food storage solutions you use are free from harmful chemicals, heat-safe, and pass FDA and European food-safety requirements.  

Root Veggies 

how to store onions in your fridge

Some of the most popular winter veggies are durable and grown in the ground, like potatoes, onions, beets, and carrots. Many people store these items on the kitchen counter, but it’s better to keep them in a cold place like the crisper drawer.

The most important rule is to refrain from storing root veggies together — particularly potatoes and onions; the gas omitted by onions can cause potatoes to sprout and spoil!

keep kale fresh for longer with a silicone bag

Hearty Greens & Herbs 

We love the winter’s hearty greens for everything from stews to smoothies. Some of them are kale, collard greens, and cabbage. To keep your greens fresher for longer, only wash them as you eat and store them in a container like a silicone Stasher Stand-Up bag, wrapped loosely with a paper towel. This helps collect moisture and keep ‘em from rotting.

Many of the fresh herbs available in winter like celery and parsley can be kept around for longer when stored in water. Heartier herbs like rosemary and sage can be stored with a damp paper towel in a Stasher bag.

how to store citrus in a reusable bag


Depending on the specific type, your storage will look a little different. Grapefruit (and most citrus) is best stored in the crisper drawer, but lemons and limes should be stored in water — like herbs!

We love storing our lemons and limes in a jar or container filled with water and sealed in the fridge. Just be sure to change out the water every other day. 

Want more tips for storing your favorite fruits and veggies? Follow us on social for everyday hacks for storing, food waste, and more! 

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