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Article: Sustainable Valentine’s Day Ideas with Stasher Stencils

Stasher Bag Stencils for Valentine's Day

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Ideas with Stasher Stencils

Siiigh. That time of year is around the corner where love fills the air — but unfortunately, that also means our oceans and landfills may get filled with more disposable trash from cards, bouquet wrappings, and chocolate boxes. Rather than add to our plastic pollution problem, why not show some love to the planet and your special someone by choosing reusable or biodegradable Valentine’s Day gifting? 

Keep reading for some simple ideas and a link to our newest printable stencils to help make your Stasher reusables fun and festive!


Biodegradable Greeting Cards 

Did you know that 95% of plastic is never recycledMany themed cards include non-recyclable materials like glitter, artificial colors, and glue means that a more sustainable alternative would be to find cards that are better for the environment. 

Thankfully, biodegradable and eco-friendly greeting card alternatives exist to help you make a special impression with a handwritten note while being more mindful of waste. We love Thoughtful Human, which have cards made from plastic-free, biodegradable seed paper. 


Digital Valentines 

You can also ditch the cards all together and opt instead to send digital greetings or grams by giving someone a gift card featuring a special Valentine’s Day themed message. There's also nothing wrong with going the “internet’s old-fashioned way” and sending an email message. In fact, that can be just as special as sending a letter! 


Stasher Bag and Bowl Gifts 

When it comes to gifting your loved ones something other than a box of chocolates or roses — why not give them a two-in-one present with a reusable? Skip the store-bought treats and make your own cookies or truffles and gift them in a Stasher bowl! You can even use a smaller Stasher bag — like a pocket, 1-Cup bowl, or Stand-Up Mini to hold a small bouquet of flowers in water, no plastic needed. 

To add some extra spark to your gift, write directly on the matte side of the bags, eliminating the need for a separate greeting card. We’ve got some new, fun stencils you can print out and use to get even more creative. 


How to Use Stencils to Draw on a Stasher Bag 

STEP 1 👉 CLICK HERE to download the pdf file that includes the X stencils pictured below.


Cute Valentine's Day Stencils for Stasher Bags
Cute Valentine's Day Stencils for Stasher Bags

STEP 2 👉 Print the stencils, cut along the dotted guidelines, then place inside a Stasher Sandwich bag (see notes below for more bag options.) 

STEP 3 👉 Using non-toxic chalk markers, trace the stencil on the matte side of the bag.

Stasher Bag Stencils for Valentine's Day

Stasher Bag Decorating Tips 

Please share your creations with us by tagging @stasherbag on Instagram or TikTok! 


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