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Article: Stasher Recipes to Reduce Food Waste

Making Meals with Leftover Veggies in a Stasher Bag

Stasher Recipes to Reduce Food Waste

Reducing waste, including beyond plastic, is at the core of Stasher’s beliefs. So, what about when it comes to food? When we waste our food, not only are we throwing away money, but we’re also contributing to almost 119 billion pounds of food thrown out per year . . . just in the US alone!

If food waste is on your mind, you’ve probably started looking at ways to reduce it in your home — from composting to making sure you eat those leftovers in the back of the fridge. But when your once-fresh veggies or meats aren’t spoiled, yet aren’t at their best, what should you do? We’ve rounded up some recipes for using all your on-their-last-leg foods so you can reduce waste . . . and save money!


Leftover meats and proteins 

Many recipes for chicken, pork, beef, and fish tend to leave over a lot of leftover protein. And so often, maybe what’s left isn’t in the same state (like the shredded beef left over from a picky steak eater). Try putting those leftovers to use in a new way! For example, if you made sous vide salmon in your Stasher bag and have leftover bits, mash it up to put on bagels to mimic lox. 

And even if you’ve eaten up all the meat in a dish, what about the bones? You can easily make your own bone or chicken broth by collecting scraps in a Stasher bag and stocking it in the freezer for later.

 Leftover fruit and veggies for smoothies

Veggie scraps and soggy produce 

We’ve all been there: you bought several heads of kale for salads, but it turned out to be a pasta kind of week. No worries. Even though your soggy greens may not be good enough for a fresh salad, you can easily add them to a smoothie (and that goes for old fruits, too)! Here’s four healthy smoothie recipes using a Stasher bag. 

That’s not to say you can’t make something more, well, indulgent with old produce. We love this recipe from @endsandstems for using a Stasher bag to make a dip out of artichoke, soggy greens, and herbs. 

Lastly, you could try your hand (or green thumb) at growing your scraps into new veggies. 

 Revive stale bread in a Stasher bag

Stale bread or old grains 

Use old grains to make stir fries or in soups. By “old grains,” we mean the leftover rice or quinoa from your salads — not spent grain from home brewing. Psst: There are plenty of ways you can use that grain, too.

And for that bread that’s gotten stale on the counter? Use a Stasher bag, water, and your oven to bring even the most hockey puck of breads back to life! 


Oils, butter, and bacon fat 

Grandma knew best, right? Storing leftover oils, fats, and greases from cooking is an old school hack to cut down on waste and save money. Keep a Mason jar or other heat-safe container near your stove to pour leftover oil into and reuse it for frying. 

There are plenty of recipes out there that utilize old food so that you don’t have to throw it out, but instead enjoy it all over again! 


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