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Article: 2020 Year In Review

2020 Year In Review

2020 Year In Review

Celebrating Wins for the Planet

Our mission at Stasher is to design a waste-free world, and reduce single-use plastics from entering our oceans and landfills. While 2020 was a real doozy that required everyone to make serious adjustments, we still managed to work together to create positive change!

Why does it matter? We have an urgent opportunity to preserve our natural resources and protect our future. According to Plastic Oceans, humans are dumping more than 8 million TONS of plastics into our oceans each year — and half of what we produce is only used for a few moments, like single-use forks, straws, and plastic wraps. The planet simply can’t absorb all of this, which affects every living being on earth. Our clean air, drinkable water, and delicate ecosystem all hang in the balance. 

The good news is, we can all tip the scales. Every choice to reuse and recycle adds up,  including using products like Stasher Bags.  Here’s a snapshot of the 2020 progress we worked together to bring about for the planet and its people.


saving our planet

Stasher gives back. Being a mission-based company means that every purchase counts. So by using Stasher Bags, you helped in multiple ways. Once at checkout, and then again every time you chose your reusable over single-use plastic. 

  • In 2020, we partnered with 1% for the Planet to donate 1% of our gross sales to high-impact nonprofits. 
  • We were proud to support some incredible new partners, making significant donations to:



new product

You asked, we listened! You wanted more sizes to broaden functionality, and fun colors to help inspire your waste-free journeys.

In 2020, we launched:

    We also made some meaningful business updates to reduce our footprint: 

    • All orders are shipped without packaging or plastic waste
    • We removed plastic tape from our shipments, using only paper mailers
    • We have eliminated poly bags + plastic tape from all US direct to consumer distribution.


    stasher for all

    Stasher for all. The more people who can access reusables, the bigger impact we can all have together. 

    To walk the walk, we:

    • Committed to giving away 100,000 Stasher bags through 2021
    • Include a “Take one, pass it on” surprise in a portion of orders
    • The estimated impact is 25M fewer single-use plastics in rotation 
    • Launched Stasher Sustainable Schools to donate Stasher bags to each student and educator in 8 schools across the US. See them here!

    In a year unlike any other, 2020 still gave us some moments worth celebrating. A huge, heartfelt thanks to the Stasher Squad — your passion, dedication, support, and enthusiasm is endlessly inspiring. We’re excited to share our big plans for 2021 soon.

    We can do anything when we all do something.

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