The Stasher Waste-Free Challenge

We can do anything when we all do something.

Welcome! We’re excited to be with you on your journey to reduce single-use plastic and other waste. Get ready for success, because it’s way easier than you might think.

Rather than overhauling your whole life, it’s easiest to take things one step at a time. That’s why we’ve broken the month up into fun little action items for 28 days — the amount of time it takes to form a new habit! 

Have a buddy who’s game to take on the challenge with you? That’s a fun and easy way to double your impact. We’re ready to cheer you on, so be sure to share your progress. Tag us (@Stasherbag) and use #SaveWhatMatters. 

Ready? Let’s do this.

WEEK 1: Start strong!

Long term change starts with solid foundational habits. These challenges are a great way to ease your way in while making a difference. 
Eco tip: We’ve designed each week by theme, but if you need to switch the order up throughout the challenge, that’s AOK! For instance, maybe your farmer’s market falls on Day 2. Give yourself the best chance of success by doing what works for you. 
  • Challenge 1: Track your plastic usage this week

track your waste

First things first: Get a sense of where waste is coming from. Grab a pen and paper (or better yet, a notes app on your phone) and list every piece of plastic or single-use item you use this week. Include things like disposable shopping bags, to-go containers, delivery boxes, and more. 

  • Challenge 2: Gather your essential gear

Preparation is the key to success! The best part about this challenge? You probably already own most of what you need to get started, including your Stasher bags. First, take a look around your home for any jars or containers that you can peel the labels from, wash, and safely reuse for organization and storage. Start a collection of reusable shopping bags that you can keep on hand for groceries and errands. Find a metal or bamboo straw, a water bottle and/or reusable to-go coffee cup, and you’re off to a great sustainable start. 

  • Challenge 3: Build your waste-free to-go kitto-go kit

Remembering to leave your house with the reusables you’ve collected is key! Make it easy for yourself by creating a little to-go kit that lives by your front door or in your car — anywhere you’ll see it often enough that you won’t leave it behind. Stasher bags are perfect for holding your reusable hand sani bottle, clean face covering, and homemade disinfectant wipes. Add your reusable drinking vessel and put it all in a tote or shopping bag so you’ll be waste-free wherever you go. 

  • Challenge 4: Make a plan for existing plastics

Going waste-free doesn't mean erasing any evidence that plastic ever existed in your life. It’s actually the opposite! The plastic you already own or use can be used through to the end of its life, or reused for other things. Today, consciously make a plan for the plastics you already own to be reused or recycled. Need some inspo? Check out our blog post for some ideas.

  • Challenge 5: Shop at a farmers market

We're big fans of farmers markets for their ability to provide fresh, local produce with a minimum amount of plastic. If you haven't shopped at a farmers market recently, there are lots of ways to make your visit go further for the planet and your wallet. Gather your reusable bags and check out our blog post for tips and tricks.

  • Challenge 6: Combine your online purchases

We get it, sometimes you can’t get away with shopping local. But you can reduce waste by minimizing the number of shipments that get delivered to your door. Try waiting to place your online orders until you have a full cart, and choose a delivery date that allows your items to be shipped in as few boxes as possible. 

  • Challenge 7: Find a local environmental group 

Chances are, there are several local environmental groups in your area — and they’re looking for new members! Social media can be a great way to find them. Choose a cause that’s close to your heart and be realistic about the level of commitment that works for you. Whether you’re sharing useful info to your network or donating time or money, being part of a group will help you stay inspired and meet some new like-minded friends.   


You're doing great

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