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Article: The Stasher Rainbow Collection: Find Your Vibe and Create Your Palette

The Stasher Rainbow Collection: Find Your Vibe and Create Your Palette

The Stasher Rainbow Collection: Find Your Vibe and Create Your Palette

Seeing a rainbow is like a little gift from Mother Earth. We stop what we’re doing and soak it up — the whole spectrum of colors reflecting back at us. 

When it comes to saving the planet, the colors you’re drawn to can also reflect some pretty cool insights — like what motivates you or lies within you. Maybe you’re a classic Blue, through and through. Or maybe you’re Black-Green! Maybe you’re a little bit of everything… the whole rainbow. 

Pick the colors that match your vibe to create your custom palette. 


Red vibe

The party starts when Red arrives! Red brings a sort of go-big-or-go-home energy to projects and gatherings. It’s the color of public speaking, big plans, and big action. Red isn’t afraid of a challenge — it lives for a challenge. Just being around Red makes us feel like anything is possible. This color asks all of us to step up and take our place. 

In 2021, we’ll need Red’s strong, enthusiastic voice. Times are a-changin’ and nobody makes bold moves quite like pioneering Red. Lead on, leader! 

If Red is your vibe, consider starting a local environmental group. Whether you’re meeting virtually or safely outdoors, your passion will inspire others! And your outgoing personality will ensure that nobody is left out.

Add Red to your palette


Purple vibe

Clear your schedule, because Purple will carry you away. Purple is intuitive and dreamy, and knows just how to cultivate a space for soulful, spiritual connection. If Purple is hosting, the night will go long with far-ranging conversations about our deepest hopes, dreams, and desires. Purple asks us to bring our whole hearts and keep an open mind. 

In 2021, Purple will inspire us to find meaning and purpose in our activities and commitments, and remind us not to quit our day dreams.

If Purple is your vibe, focus on full-circle projects that ask for your devotion. Grow an organic garden in your window or yard, and tend to your plants as they thrive. Learn to cook with your homegrown ingredients, and meditate on what nourishes you. 

Add Purple to your palette


Black vibe

Style for miles — that’s Black. This color exudes cool confidence, taste, and timelessness. The color of design, but not of decadence. Black’s motto is “fewer, but better”, inspiring us to be choosy about what we bring into our homes. Black can’t help but be seen as iconic, even though it’s just doing what comes naturally. Far from being inaccessible, Black invites and inspires us all to find our signature.

In 2021, Black’s talented eye will show us how to curate our lives, to do more with less, and to choose quality over quantity. 

If Black is your vibe, you know that brand-spanking-new isn’t always best. Commit to vintage and antique shopping, and show others how yesterday’s items can be remixed, reimagined, and restyled.

Add Black to your palette


Green vibe

Truth: We could all use more green in our lives. This color has a way of restoring us, even if we’re only together for a short time. Green can balance the energy in a room and bring a sense of calm wherever it goes. Green asks us to be fair to ourselves and others, and make peace with the world around us. 

In 2021, we’ll need Green’s serene and grateful presence to remind us to slow down, quiet the noise, and rest our hearts and minds. 

If Green is your vibe, time outside is super important. Confer with the conifers and dream with the streams. Adopt a trail (even if just in your heart) and make it a personal mission to protect and honor it.

Add Green to your palette


Blue vibe

Just like the ocean itself, Blue is deep. Blue invites us to explore the heart of every matter with a patient strength that says, “In your own way. In your own time.” It is unafraid to venture into tangled or complex situations, because Blue holds up a mirror that helps reveal the truth. 

In 2021, we’ll need to follow Blue’s example and look within to go beyond the limits we place on ourselves. 

If Blue is your vibe, it’s no surprise that big skies and bodies of water make you feel whole. Show your gratitude with a beach, lake, or river cleanup. Journal about your experience so you can reflect back on it later.

Add Blue to your palette


Pink vibe

If love is all around, you can thank Pink! This color is all heart — always putting others first with a helpful hand or soft shoulder. Pink remembers birthdays, drops off soup if you’re sick, volunteers in their spare time, and gives the best hugs around. Dogs and babies instinctively adore Pink, and they know best. Pink asks us to embrace the power of love. 

In 2021, we’ll need to follow Pink’s example of empathy, compassion, and generosity of spirit to lift each other up. 

If Pink is your vibe, it’s in your nature to give. Look through your belongings and see what others may need more, and recycle anything you’re not using through a charitable donation. 

Add Pink to your palette


Orange vibe

Listen up, world — Orange has something to say! This color has a way with words and loves a good, juicy conversation. Fortunately, Orange is so upbeat and fun-loving that it’s never a challenge to drum one up! Orange is by nature a free spirit with a live-and-let-live attitude that puts everyone at ease. It asks us all to reach out and make a new friend.

In 2021, we’ll need Orange’s ability to see past differences and find common ground. And to rally others with strong, inspiring messages.

If Orange is your vibe, lean into your gift of gab by hosting discussion groups. Pick a topic like sustainability, or chat through some local issues and generate ideas on how you can work together to solve them. You’ll be able to keep the flow going and make sure everyone feels heard.

Add Orange to your palette


Yellow vibe

Hellooooo, sunshine! You know that person who always has an upbeat word or a smile? That’s Yellow, alright. Yellow is known for being an uplifting presence in almost any situation — and for making it look easy! Yellow asks us to find the sunny side without ignoring the clouds, and to use bright ideas and flashes of inspiration to keep moving forward.

In 2021, we’ll need Yellow’s optimistic outlook to keep things in perspective. Yellow shines a light on the path, even when it’s hard to find. 

If Yellow is your vibe, be the thought lightbulb in your friend group and community. Brainstorm a list of eco tips that anyone can follow. This will help serve as a reminder that there’s always a positive step to take. 

Add Yellow to your palette


Lavender vibe

Lavender dances to the beat of its own drum. This clever color brings creative genius to every aspect of life, often seeing what others don’t. Lavender is poetry, music, movement, and art. To be around Lavender is to see creation in motion, and sometimes, actual magic. Lavender asks us to express ourselves honestly and fully, and to put something new into the world. 

In 2021, Lavender’s imaginative approach to life will help us see challenges differently, unlocking new and interesting possibilities. 

If Lavender is your vibe, you love transforming everyday things into something special. Try composting your food scraps at home and watch trash become treasured soil. 

Add Lavender to your palette

In a rainbow, every hue is a hero.  Together, we can create a world of change.

Shop the Rainbow Collection.


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