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Article: Color Organization Tips: How to Make Your Space Shine

Color Organization Tips: How to Make Your Space Shine

Color Organization Tips: How to Make Your Space Shine

In this big, beautiful world, we all need a corner to call our own. Ideally, our homes are a reflection of our best qualities and shining personalities. 

Keeping our corners organized can be a challenge — especially these days when we're cramming so much living into every room. 

That's why we put together some colorful solutions to help save space, clear your head, and keep you inspired.

Brighten up your fridge

organized fridge

Get a burst of color every time you go searching for a snack. Arranging your food items by color makes it crystal clear where everything needs to go. And with the Rainbow Collection, finding the right color bag to store that half tomato and those leftover greens is a piece of cake. (Speaking of cake, the Stand-Up is perfect for freezing that last piece.)

Design tip: Match your reusable silicone stasher bag to its contents for easy grab-and-go action. Or create a color code for each meal so you know which prep to pick out. If you're making lunches for family members, assign everyone their own piece of the rainbow so Cut-Off-Crusts doesn't get No-Mayo-Ever's sandwich by accident.

Tell a color story

Pink colorstory

If you have a favorite palette, make your space sing with what you’ve got! Let’s say you’re a Classic Green. Grab your favorite feel-good items and cluster them together. Put a plant, some stalks, or your windowsill herb garden next to your favorite green mug. Or toss your dry goods in a Stand-Up Stasher that matches your go-to cookbook!

Shelfie tip: As long as you stay within a minimal color story, you can load up a space without looking cluttered. Weaving the color throughout your space with pops of color will pull the whole look together.  

Play with pattern

Tidy organization

For shelves and drawers that tend to dissolve into a hot mess, separate items into patterns. Break your space into defined shapes, pairing like-sized objects together, or creating color blocks to calm the chaos. Pick the colors that speak to you! Warm or cool hues, complements, or contrasts. If you love the way it looks, you’ll have better luck keeping a space tidy.

Design tip: Give loose objects a home. Store those bobby pins or beauty samples in the Snack or the Pocket to make drawers look bright and organized. 

Make it uniquely YOU

At the end of the day, organizing your home is all about letting YOU shine through! It’s about finding just the right spot for your pans AND that souvenir you got in Greece (back when travel was a thing). It’s a chance to surround yourself with things that matter to you – in the colors you love. 

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