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Article: 11 Sustainable Gift Ideas, All Wrapped in a Stasher

Easy Homemade Gifts You Can Give in a Stasher

11 Sustainable Gift Ideas, All Wrapped in a Stasher

Sustainable Zero Waste Holiday & Christmas Gift Ideas
Give What Matters with these thoughtful, eco-inspired DIY gifts wrapped in endlessly reusable, radically functional Stasher bags and bowls. We call that a gift in a gift.

Homemade Sweets & Treats for Holiday Gifting

Zero Waste Microwave Popcorn Kit

Zero Waste Microwave Popcorn Kit. This easy-to-assemble gift is sure to make the recipient’s heart go POP every time they use it. 🍿 Start by bringing an empty Stasher Snack bag to the bulk section of your local grocery store and fill it with popcorn kernels. (Need bulk shopping tips? Check out our guide). Assemble the kit inside a 6-Cup or 8-Cup Stasher bowl, adding an assortment of savory or sweet seasonings (store-bought or homemade) along with these popping instructions.

For more Stasher popcorn gift and decor ideas, check out this blog

Cookie dough stored in Stand Up Stasher bags

Batch Made in Heaven. The Stand-Up Trio Bundle is perfect for gifting rolled up cookie dough. Include baking instructions and make it extra by adding complementary accessories — a rolling pin, cookie cutters, colorful oven mitts, a festive apron — you get the idea. Try the Quart or Half Gallon bags for gifting a batch of baked cookies (these classics are always a hit).

DIY Granola Gifts Wrapped in Stasher Bags

Cereal Happiness. Homemade granola is easy to make, and it multitasks almost as well as your Stasher bags. Fill a bowl for breakfast. Use it for topping yogurt, a smoothie bowl, ice cream. Pack it up for snacking on the go. Try this recipe for granola that’s gluten and refined sugar-free — much healthier than store bought. Eco tip: Buy ingredients from the bulk bins to minimize packaging waste.

Stasher Bags filled with loose leaf tea

Tea Time. Got a loved one who loves tea? Steep on this: Most people purchase tea bags for convenience, but many tea brands use plastic in their tea bags (yuck!) — not to mention packaging and tea bag wrappers. Brewing loose tea is not difficult and it’s much more flavorful, so why not convert them to a healthier tea habit that generates less waste? Purchase loose tea in bulk, package it in a cute storage container (aka Stasher bag) to keep it fresh, add a tea steeper and mug, then put a bow on it!

Rosemary Salt gift stored in Stasher bags

Seasonings Greetings. DIY herb salts are easy to make with just sea salt or kosher salt, your favorite fresh herbs, and a blender or food processor. Package your herbal-icious creations in silicone Stasher bags, create a cute label, or use a non-toxic chalk or dry erase marker to write directly on the matte side of the Stasher bag — watch this video for Stasher bag writing tips. Also check out these spice mix recipes for inspiration.

Experiential Holiday Gift Ideas

Stasher by Marie Kondo Holiday Gift Set

Spark (Sustainable) Joy. In partnership with Marie Kondo, everyone’s favorite tidying expert, we curated a limited-edition set to help you gift sustainable organization that inspires impactful choices for the planet. The bundle includes a trio of Stand-Up bags that arrive wrapped in a beautiful Furoshiki cloth. Gift it as is, or unwrap the cloth, fill the bags with something useful that sparks joy for your recipient, then rewrap for layers of zero-waste gifting.

DIY Movie night snack gift wrapped in Stasher bundle

Reel Fun. Whether it’s date night or fun for the family, make at-home movie night special with everything needed to enjoy a good flick. Pick up a variety of sweets and snacks in the bulk bins, and don’t forget popcorn kernels to make Stasher microwave popcorn! Add favorite beverages and a cozy blanket to complete the experience. This gift will get rave reviews. 👏 

Cocktail Spirits wrapped in leak-free Stasher bags

Cocktail Party. Let’s raise a toast to this clever gift idea! 🍸 Purchase a variety of small-size spirits that nestle nicely inside a leak-free Stasher bag. With 8 inches of headroom, the Stand-Up Mega is a perfect size. Add accessories, mix-ins, and a cocktail recipe book to complete the portable mini bar!

Gym Workout Kit Gift Idea

The Sweat Life. For many, working out isn’t just a New Year’s resolution — it’s a year-round lifestyle commitment. Gift your health-conscious friends an eco-conscious workout kit that includes Stasher bags for keeping everything organized and secure. The Half Gallon bag is ideal for assuring sweaty or wet items (towels, workout clothing) are separated and secure from leaks. The Sandwich, Snack, and Go Bags are versatile for stashing everything from post-workout snacks to personal items like a mobile phone, credit and ID cards, keys, etc. Throw in some new or thrifted workout items, and this thoughtful gift will finish strong. 💪

DIY spa gifts wrapped in two-toned Stasher bags

Spa Time. It’s never easy to prioritize self-care time, so when this home pampering experience shows up under the tree wrapped in the Stasher bags, your recipient will be overjoyed. Try DIYing non-toxic bath bombs or lavender body scrub. Add handmade soaps, candles, a good read, and a cozy spa towel to make your gift recipient feel like they're transported to a luxurious spa.

DIY coupon gift

Gift it Forward. We all know the most treasured gifts are not things. As it turns out, these gifts are often better for the planet, too. Create a personalized certificate or coupon that describes your gift. For example...

  • Offer your time and / or talents to friends and family — make homemade meals, offer help with a project where your talent adds value, donate babysitting time, or whisk them away for a fun outdoor adventure. Come up with something that will bring joy to your loved one.
  • Select a nonprofit organization that has meaning for your recipient and make a donation in their name.

Tip 💡 If your gifting (or budget) goal is to DIY and avoid new purchases, there’s no shame in regifting — passing along gently used items is a win for eco-minded givers. If your Stasher bag collection is abundant, those gently used bags are great for “wrapping” any gift!

For more eco-conscious gifting inspiration, see The Stasher Gift Guide for Everyone & Every Occasion.

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