Easy Meal Prepping with Stasher Bag

Today we're sharing a guest post from Libby at Simple Wellness Co., where she is dedicated to evolving the culture of health in the workplace. Here are her tips for using stashers in an easy and healthy meal prep that you wont be bored with by day two!

The workweek is pretty hectic, right? We commute, work long days, try to fit in workouts, spend time with loved ones and get to bed at a decent hour. That often means meals need to be easy, convenient, and readily available. One of the biggest things I work with clients on is meal prepping. Spend just a couple of hours per week preparing food that can be thrown together when you’re in a rush (or even when you’re not!).

It doesn’t have to be complicated! Choose to start off with prepping just breakfast or just lunch so you’re not overwhelmed or spending your entire day off in the kitchen. Or, prep for two days only so you don’t grow tired of your options. Keep it simple so you’re more likely to stick with it week to week.

Your stasher bags make this process even easier! They make it so easy to cook, store, and transport. This is such a life-saver after those work days that make you want to crawl into bed with ice cream and This Is Us

Here’s a quick shopping list:

  • Proteins: Chicken breast, ground turkey, eggs, fresh salmon/fish
  • Fresh or frozen veggies: Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, zucchini, baby carrots, Brussels sprouts 
  • Fresh fruit: berries, apples, bananas
  • Carbohydrates: Frozen brown rice, sweet potatoes, gluten-free pasta
  • Healthy Fats: Coconut yogurt, Avocados, olive oil, nut butters
  • Snacks: Perfect Bars, RXBars, Hummus

Each week I prep two different proteins, 2-3 vegetables (steamed, roasted, or sautéed), some complex carbohydrates for post-workouts, and always have healthy fats and snacks on hand. The goal here is to have enough items to mix and match to prevent boredom and feeling like you’re eating the same thing over and over again.

Get Cooking

For proteins this week, I marinated wild-caught salmon in honey-balsamic dressing with some salt and lemon juice, then baked in my stasher at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. (Make sure to leave the bag unsealed.)

I steamed the broccoli in a stasher for 15 minutes then seasoned with garlic and herbs.

One of my go-to carbs is frozen brown rice (because who has time to cook rice?). But, most frozen rice comes in plastic bags that you microwave, which we’re not on board with (e.g. carcinogenic). I was so thrilled to put Whole Foods brand organic brown rice in my stasher and see how it turned out. Worked like a charm! Simply put rice in a stasher, leave unsealed, and cook according to the instructions.

I washed and dried carrots to eat with my favorite Hope Foods kale pesto hummus. And, for a sweet treat, I washed and cut up organic strawberries. I like to put a small paper towel in the stasher to absorb the moisture and keep the berries fresh for longer.


For breakfast, I like to make a green smoothie with almond milk, spinach, collagen peptides, coconut yogurt and frozen berries. This combination of protein, fats, and carbs will keep me sustained until lunchtime.

Lunch & Snacks

A typical lunch during the workday would start with a bowl of greens, topped with about 3 ounces of protein, the steamed broccoli, half an avocado, and topped with dressing.For an afternoon snack, I’d have the carrots and hummus or a protein bar prior to working out.


Dinner is then a different combination of what I have meal prepped for variety!

Meal prepping truly doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Start small and then work your way into more meals, more days, or more variety. Happy prepping!  

What are your favorite meal prep tips? Let us know on Instagram @stasherbag, and connect with Libby @simplewellnessco

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