Cook Rice in a Stasher Bag

The Stasher Squad can’t get enough of these “hacks” that allow you to prep, cook, store, and transport meals — all in your Stasher bag. If rice is on regular rotation in your meal plan, this microwave method  is a must-try. Give it a go and share the results tagged @stasherbag #ricehack!


½ c rice (we used basmati)
1 ¼ cup water
1-2 tsp oil or butter (optional)


1. Rinse the rice in water until the water is clear. Reserve rinse water for your indoor or outdoor plants — they’ll love it!
2. Add the rice, water, and optional ingredients to a Stand-Up Mid Stasher bag
3. Pinch the seal closed partially, starting at the corners; leave an approximately 2 fingers-wide opening at the center of the seal.
rice in a stasher bag
4. Microwave on full power for 10 minutes, then an additional 5 minutes on half power. (See notes below.)
5. Remove the bag from the microwave. Be careful — it will be hot! Let the rice rest for ~5 minutes.
6. Carefully open the seal (it will still be hot), fluff with a fork, and serve.
How to Make Rice in a Stasher Bag


  • This recipe was tested in a 1000w microwave with variable power settings. For step 4, adjust cooking levels and time as needed based on your microwave, making sure the water is absorbed before proceeding to step 5.
  • Yields approximately 1½ cups of cooked rice (2-3 servings). If you want a larger serving of rice, double the recipe and use the Stand-Up Mega.
  • Be careful not to overfill whatever silicone Stasher bag you use — the rice + liquid needs plenty of breathing room. Some steam will escape while the rice is cooking. 
  • Add flavor! Replace the water with broth, add seasonings (we used Furikake Seasoning) or chopped herbs — use your imagination.
easy rice in a stasher

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