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Article: Stasher Ecosystem... Assemble!

Stasher Ecosystem... Assemble!

Stasher Ecosystem... Assemble!

Now that the pocket and stand-up stashers have joined the fam, the full ecosystem of stashers provides plastic-free reusable options for soooo many storage needs. We’re not stopping here— we promise an even larger bag is on its way— but let’s just take a look at the line-up for a sec! From your smallest stashables to your bigger and bulkier bounty, these lid-less lifesavers have you covered.

The Pocket

This little baby fits in the palm of your hand, beckoning the best of your tiny valuables for safe stashing. Use the pocket stasher for jewelry, crystals, earbuds and cords, supplements and other *edibles*. It may be the smallest stasher, but some say it makes the biggest impact. You’ll never lose little things at the bottom of your bag again, and you can forget that embarrassing rattle sound your pills make in your purse because you don’t have to bring the whole bottle anymore (yasss). It’s ready to be your ride or die— take it with you wherever you go!

What to stash in it:

  • A single serving of nuts or half-eaten health bar
  • Cash, cards and keys
  • Dog treats

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The Snack

shop snack stasher

What’s too big for your pocket and too small for your sandwich will always have a home here in the snack size stasher. It’s your go-to for, you guessed it… snacks! Energy balls were born to be stored in here, and slices of cheese are saved with ease. But the snack size stasher is particularly ideal for few uses you’ll squeal over. It’s the goldilocks fit for the other half of your avocado, and you can trust in your stasher to keep that avo green for several days longer than other storage containers (if it lasts that long). This is also the perfect size for stashing your smartphone while you hit the beach or the slopes, and touchscreens function through the silicone!

What to stash in it:

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The Sandwich

shop sandwich stasher

The OG stasher that started it all: Sandwich. It does so much more than store a sando, as you know. It can cook an omelette, bake a salmon fillet, save food scraps, and keep your meal prep fresh— all while saving space in your fridge and freezer too. You can even write on it with a ball-point pen, dry erase or chalk marker to save the date or leave a love note. But it’s not all about the eats! The sandwich stasher is TSA friendly for travel toiletries, making it the plastic-free companion your suitcase never knew it needed.

What to stash in it:

  • Lunches
  • Smoothie prep
  • Travel liquids

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The Half Gallon

shop half gallon stasher

The current heavyweight is the half-gallon stasher, which holds a hefty helping and comes in clutch for larger stashables. Pizza slices, baguettes, carrots and celery— before stasher this stuff was the hardest to store. Well, say no more to the single-use sadness of foil and plastic wrap and stock up on half-gallon reusable silicone stasher bags instead. This bag was also designed with sous vide in mind, making it the healthier and only reusable alternative to plastic vacuum-seal cooking bags.

What to stash in it:

  • Leftover pizza
  • Freezer meals
  • Cords and cables

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The Stand Up

shop stand up stasher

Coming soon: Rounding out the Ecosystem, it’s the newest stasher and the most innovative solution crashing the party in your pantry. The stand-up stasher can hold an entire box of cereal or several servings of your favorite soups and stews. And— game-changer alert— you can pour things in and scoop things out without holding the bag open! Stand-up for the planet by shopping for bulk foods, preventing food waste and toting your take-out sans plastic. Stash and steam nutritious meals in boiling water or a pressure cooker, then leave leftovers in the bag and toss it in the fridge. This bag is also perfect for popping popcorn!

What to stash in it:

  • Bulk baking essentials like flour and sugar
  • Salad
  • Makeup

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Bring home the whole Ecosystem and there’s no denying your collection of reusables will be the envy of all earth-lovers. We can’t wait to see you light up the ‘gram with stashers in every size. And, save a spot amongst your storage solutions for an even bigger bag. Our largest stasher ever and more innovations are on the way!

Join us in the plastic-free movement and save 20% on your next stasher order!

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