40 Things to Stash in Your Pocket Stasher

Little things make big impacts, and the Pocket Stasher bag is small but mighty! It’s the perfect size for all the small things, and it’s so cute it’ll spark joy every time you use it. Keep a few pocket Stashers in your purse to secure the stuff that always gets lost in the depths. Grab a few for your next camping adventure, for around the house, and for your office (they’re available in a 3-pack!).

Here are 40 ways the Pocket bag will come in handy — and we’re just getting started!

Organize your on-the-go essentials

1. Snacks - take a handful of almonds to-go or save a half-eaten health bar

2. Supplements - stash them in pill or powder form

3. Medicine - Advil, allergy meds, cough drops (not recommended for prescription meds)

4. Tampons and/or period cup - both sides of the pocket stasher are frosted for discretion.


pocket stasher by stasherbag


5. Bobby pins & hair ties - these often lost babies won’t go missing as much

6. Jewelry - transform from day to night with extra sparkles in your stasher

7. Make-up - stash midday touch up essentials like lip gloss and cheek tint

8. Cards & Cash

9. Quarters for laundry

10. Earbuds / phone charger

11. Essential oils

12. Crystals - take your aura with you wherever you go

Choose Your Adventure

13. Travel bar soap

14. Mini first-aid - stash bandages, alcohol wipes, ointment and aloe

15. Keep matches dry when you’re camping

16. Bring parmesan to a picnic

17. Pack salt for margaritas on a beach retreat

18. Stash a festival survival kit - lip balm, bandaids, bug spray, mints / chewable toothpaste, cbd, bioglitter.

19. Small allen/hex keys for long-distance cycling

20. Tiny climbing gear like nuts, anchors and slings

21. Golf tees


pocket stasher for loose leaf tea - stasher bag


Stash Around The House

22. Small leftover fruits and veggies - save the other half of your jalapeno, or that handful of berries your toddler demanded and then refused.

23. Loose leaf tea - stash a special blend

24. Cannabis - cbd droppers, flower, pre rolls and other paraphernalia

25. Herbs - save your sage, thyme, rosemary and more

26. Garlic cloves

27. Homemade Pesto

28. Seeds for gardening

29. Pet treats

30. Craft notions - buttons, bobbins, tape measures, etc.

31. Bolts and washers - no screws or nails!

32. Spare shoelaces and bra straps

33. Mini ice pack

34. Exercise bands

35. Batteries


pocket stasher by stasherbag


For the Office

36. Business cards

37. Rubber bands

38. Paper clips

39. Flash drives

40. Sticky tack

So many more uses for the pocket stasher to come. Show us how you use it on Instagram and tag @stasherbag!

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