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Article: Get Up, Stand Up for an Award-Winning Stasher Bag

Get Up, Stand Up for an Award-Winning Stasher Bag

Get Up, Stand Up for an Award-Winning Stasher Bag

Armed with loads of brilliant ideas and suggestions from the #stashersquad, we took our patented and much-loved reusable silicone Stasher bag back to the drawing board. And the result? It’s a standing ovation!

The Stand-Up Stasher bags have great posture, a wider opening and all the earth-loving goodness we stand for. Read on and you’ll see why the stand-up Stasher earned a Global Innovation Award!

stand-up stasher bag

What's new?

From the front, the Stand-Up Stasher looks like the same cute-as-can-be plastic-free baggie you know and love. But, turn it to the side and you’ll see it has so much more to offer. With an expandable base, the new Stand-Up Stasher sits upright on your counters and shelves, providing the convenience of a container without that so-easy-to-lose lid. In between uses, the expanded base collapses neatly so you can store it with the rest of your Stasher collection.

Get to fillin’ the Stand-Up Stasher and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much it can hold. With just under two quarts of capacity (56 fluid ounces or 12 cups dry), you can stash an entire box of cereal, several servings of soup, or a full bushel of Brussels sprouts.

The added beauty in this bag is its wider opening. The seal is just as trustworthy, but opens beyond the top corners so the bag stays open—hands free—while you fill it with your famous stew or scoop out a cup of quinoa.

stand-up stasher bag

5 Game-Changing Ways to Use it

Perfect Pantry

Say hello to the holy grail of plastic-free pantry storage. Bulk goods of all kinds—nuts, lentils, pasta—you name it, you can stash it in this bag designed for shelfie showoffs.

Salad Stash

Layer in fresh veggies for quick meal prep and shake up a vitamin-packed salad when hunger strikes.

stand-up stasher bag

Instant Pot Pal

The Stand-Up Stasher fits perfectly inside your Instant Pot and slow cooker! Cooking in the bag will help retain nutrients and keep you appliances clean.

Marinade Maven

Let tender cuts of meat, tofu or tempeh soak up sensational flavors while they rest safely and toxin-free in your Stand-Up Stasher. Then, put it straight into your sous vide, oven or crock pot. Mangia bene! 

Cosmetics Cutie

Gone are the days of gunk. Finally, a makeup bag you can sanitize! Plus, you can see what’s stashed before you dig for your lipstick, which will save us all time in our morning routine.

Be the First to Know

Ready to get up for the new Stand-Up Stasher bag? Click here to sign up and be the first to place your order when stock arrives. This stash will be gone in a flash!

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