Halloween Snacks 3 Ways: Healthy, Indulgent, and Easy


Muddy Buddies Mix 

If Halloween is your middle name, and spooky sweets are your game, then trick-or-#treatyoself to this addicting mix! Whether you’re throwing a monster-sized bash or a party for one, this snack is so easy to make it’s scary. Grab a Stasher bag and let's shake it up!

Healthy and easy Halloween Snack Recipes | Stasher bags

Halloween Produce Snacks 

Let's be real: Halloween isn’t exactly the first holiday that comes to mind when you think of healthy eating so if you're looking for an alternative to scary packaged sweets, these delightful themed snacks hit the spot, fill your fruit and veggie quota, and are fun to make, too. Win-win-win!


Protein Brownie Bliss Balls Recipe | Stasher bags

Batty Brownie Bliss Balls 

Trying to stay healthy around Halloween can be a nightmare these batty babies will be the best thing you ever stashed in your Stasher bags and you’ll forget all about that bowl of candy by the front door.


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