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Article: Simple Halloween Snacks That Are Scary Good For You

Easy and healthy Halloween snacks

Simple Halloween Snacks That Are Scary Good For You

4 Easy, Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Let's be real: Halloween isn’t exactly the first holiday that comes to mind when you think of healthy eating. Not only do most individually packaged Halloween snacks contain at least half of an entire day’s worth of your recommended sugar intake, they’re rather wastefully packaged in several layers of non-recyclable materials. 

And while there are absolutely zero judgements coming from us in regards to sneaking a Snickers from time to time (we've all done it), if you're looking for an alternative to scary packaged sweets, these delightful themed snacks hit the spot, fill your fruit and veggie quota, and are fun to make, too. Win-win-win!

Whether you’re packing a spooky snack for your school-aged kids, or planning a healthy option to bring to a Halloween party, these cute fruity morsels are sure to be a hit. And, hey — you know Stasher reusables are here to keep your treats fresh until it’s time to eat.

Banana Ghosts

banana ghost healthy Halloween snack

Slice peeled bananas in half and insert “eyes” made from mini chocolate chips, and a mouth formed from a regular-sized chocolate chip! For a less-healthy but more chocolatey option, try dipping the banana in white chocolate before adding the mini chocolate chip eyes. They'll disappear faster than a ghost on Halloween night.

Clementine Pumpkins

pumpkin cuties halloween snack

Start by either peeling your clementines, or slicing off the peel and pith for a more vibrant burst of orange. Cut a “stem” from a celery stalk and insert it at the top of the orange. These keep nicely for the day if they’re packed in a lunch, or if you need to make something simple ahead of time for a ghoulish gathering.

Apple Mummies

apple mummies healthy halloween snack

This snack takes under a minute to make, which is less than an actual mummy needs to ... well, mummify.

Simply core and halve an apple, then peel away strips of skin to give the appearance of bandages. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice onto the apple halves to prevent the exposed flesh from browning too quickly. Use a paring knife to create two small divots in the apple’s flesh where you’d like the “eyes” to be, then insert two chocolate chips.

For a fun added touch, you could sprinkle a bit of cinnamon “dirt” on each apple mummy for a just-out-of-the-grave look. Granny smith or red delicious apples give the most contrast, and thus, the scariest results, but any type of apple will do.

Lychee Eyeballs

lychee eyeball halloween snack

The spookiest snack of them all! Grab a can of whole lychee fruits (look in the ethnic food section of your grocery store if you can’t find them in the canned fruits aisle) and simply dab a bit of strawberry jam into the hollow center of each lychee fruit. Insert a black grape or a blueberry as the “iris” and you're on your way to a hauntingly healthy snack. Pro tip: these make fantastic cocktail garnishes, too!

halloween stasher

Did you know that you can write on your Stasher bags without ruining their pretty, glossy exteriors? Simply follow the tips in our How to Write on Your Stasher blog to decorate your bags and bowls with some spooky spider webs or a Halloween message, then wipe it off later with water. No stains or residue to worry about here! 

This post was written by Hannah Theisen, founder of TELAstory Collective.

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