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Article: 6 Halloween Tricks and Treats

6 Halloween Tricks and Treats

6 Halloween Tricks and Treats

Halloween celebrations may not be “normal” again this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan fun activities for the whole family. Here are some ideas to get you started on your safe and spooky celebrations.

Decorate Spooky Sweets

Halloween Treat Ideas

Start with your cookie recipe of choice, and get creative! Cookie decorating is a fun, entertaining, and eco-friendly activity if you’re thoughtful about decorations that don’t generate a lot of waste. Bake the cookies the day before so they’re cool enough to decorate, and store them in a Stasher bag until you’re ready.

A few fun cookie ideas: Boo-scotti, mummy pops, or use cookie cutters with this easy 1-bowl vegan sugar cookies recipe and let your imagination do the work!

Organize a Candy Hunt

Organize a Halloween Candy Hunt

Fill Pocket Stasher bags with treats and hide them indoors or outdoors, then release the little goblins for a candy hunt. When all the treats have been devoured, the bags will keep other treasures organized throughout the year.

Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Slime


Buying “slime” from the store likely requires a lot of plastic, and who knows what ingredients are included. Instead, make your own eco-friendly slime — that way you can color it however you want, and you know it’s both safe for your kids and the planet. Wellness Mama shares her simple, four-ingredient recipe here.

Upcycle Your Way to Indoor Decor

Sustainable Halloween Decor Ideas

Repurposing items that would otherwise end up in the trash or recycling bin is a great way to create both DIY activities and indoor decorations with your family. If you have a Keurig machine, we love this spooky garland made from K-Cups. Use what you have— whether it’s bottles, cans, egg cartons, toilet paper tubes, or otherwise, for fun crafty activities that can be turned into whatever creepy decor you’re looking for.

Decorate Your Self-Serve Candy Basket

Ideas for decorating a halloween candy basket

Bring out the Halloween craft supplies! If you’re away or don’t want to open the door for trick or treaters, have the kids help decorate a tote bag, recycled box, or basket filled with candy for anyone who comes by — or make your own with papier mâché. For an extra-careful treat, leave a bottle of hand sanitizer for the trick or treaters to use.

Make the Most of Your Pumpkin

How to roast pumpkin seeds

Let’s not forget that pumpkins are food! Instead of tossing the innards, save the seeds and roast them for a flavorful snack. Here’s a simple recipe to get you started. For something different, this cinnamon sugar option is a must-try.

When your carved pumpkin has reached the end of its life, add it to your backyard or curbside compost bin. Be sure to remove any candles, wax, or decorations — don’t toss anything with paint, glitter, or other materials that will contaminate the compost. 

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