Thanksgiving Recipes You Can Cook in a Stasher (Yes, Even Your Turkey)

Tis the season for perpetual food comas. Don't get us wrong, we eagerly anticipate this time of year so we're not complaining, but the aftermath of those huge meals can mean a lot of cleanup. (We are, in fact, complaining about the cleanup.) 

And because we're all about doing things better while being kind to the planet, we thought, hey — wouldn't it be cool to see if we could cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner in Stasher bags to help lock in flavors and make clean up so much easier

It's a challenge we accepted ... from ourselves, to ourselves. 

The results? Outstanding. Not to brag, but using a Stasher bag to sous vide your entire Thanksgiving dinner — from sides to cocktails (yes, cocktails) — is incredibly easy and makes prep and cleanup a breeze so you can focus on your guests rather than being sequestered to the kitchen all night. 

And we did the legwork for you: here are our favorite recipes for Thanksgiving dinner that you can cook right in a Stasher bag. And before we go, we'd like to say how grateful we are to you for joining the plastic-free movement with us. We couldn't do the work to give back to the planet without you!


Cook Thanksgiving side dishes in a Stasher bag

Main Course 

Sous Vide recipes | Stasher bags



Maple donut recipe



Cranberry sorbet cocktail recipe


What are you cookin' up this year? Show us how you're using your Stashers to prep, cook, or store your leftovers with #Stasherbag on Instagram! 


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