11 Hacks for Your Stasher Bag

You already know Stasher bags can handle sous-vide, ice cream, and everything in between. But sometimes when the Squad shares how they use their bags, we’re like – Stasher bags do THAT, too? 

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite hacks, uses, and tips you’ve shared with us.

Easy Fill-Up

Use a mason jar lid ring to prop open your Stasher bag. It creates a pour-through opening when adding liquids or grains. 

DIY Baby Toys

Fill a Stasher bag with water and fruit slices for instant sensory play (babies 18 months and under love it). 


Summer Snack 

Toss lime wedges, cucumbers slices, and Tajin in a Stasher bag. The cucumbers will soak up flavor and stay crisp all day. 

Stronger Iced Coffee

Freeze leftover coffee into ice cubes for tomorrow’s cold brew. You’ll get a strong sip all the way to the bottom (Don't forget your reusable straw!).


Make Herbs Last

Place herbs in water and cover with a Half-Gallon Stasher bag to create a mini-greenhouse that will keep them fresher, longer.


Homemade Ice Pack

Keep a water-filled Stasher bag in your freezer for those aches and pains, or to keep food and drinks cold during your next picnic.

Wash and Store

Fill a Stand-Up Stasher with your produce and favorite DIY rinse. Shake, shake, shake! Then simply drain and store.

Keep Veggies Crisper

Add a drop of water before burping and sealing your bag to keep veggies crisp (works best with carrots, asparagus, celery, and lettuce).

Waste-Free Popcorn

Put a half-cup of popcorn kernels in a Stand-Up Mega, drizzle with your favorite oil, and pop in the microwave for about two minutes.


TSA-Friendly Bags

Sandwich and Stand-Up Minis are perfect for getting those carry-on liquids through security and preventing leaks during your flight.

Camping Companion

Store dehydrated food in Stasher bags while backpacking. Just add boiling water straight inside the bag for an easy campsite meal.


    How many of these have you tried? Share your favorite hacks with us by tagging us @stasherbag.

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