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Article: 10 Reasons Pets Love Stasher

10 Reasons Pets Love Stasher

10 Reasons Pets Love Stasher

10 Reasons Pets Love Stasher Bags & Bowls

Let’s be honest: May is National Pet Month, but we pamper our pets every month. (We also treat every day like Earth Day.) That said, we frequently hear from Stasher Squad humans who love using bags and bowls for pet care.

Stasher for Pets

So, to honor our pet-tastic Squad members, we conducted some very important, very serious interviews to learn why they love Stasher and what they want in the perfect pet bundle. Here are the top 10 reasons pets love Stasher, with commentary from humans who use (and reuse) Stasher daily.

1. “There’s something good inside a Stasher, wherever I go.”

Human commentary: Whether you’re at home or on the move, kibble and treats stay securely stored in a Stasher bowl or bag. The spill-proof, leak-free seal keeps nosey critters out, while still making it easy for you to dip in at meal and snack times.

Stasher Bags for Storing Pet Treats

Photo and 5-star review thanks to Mary S.

2. “When we’re adventuring or traveling, I love ‘takeout’ served in a Stasher bowl.”

Human commentary: If traveling with your pet, pack their food in a Stand-Up Bag (the longer the trip, the bigger the bag) and rest easy knowing the spill-proof, leak-proof design is keeping food secure — and out of the rest of your luggage. At mealtime, scoop a portion out into a Stasher bowl. When your Stasher bag is empty at the end of your trip, wash it in the dishwasher or by hand, and you have convenient storage for any souvenirs you’ve picked up along the way.

3. “Nothing is better than the first slurp of water out of a Stasher bowl.”

    Human commentary: Calling all adventurers! Many of our four-legged friends love the outdoors just as much as we do — and making sure they stay hydrated while on the trails or at the beach is super important! We love bringing a 4-Cup Bowl along on outings as an on-the-go water bowl. Stasher bowls are leak-free, so you can fill up before you head out, or keep it empty until it’s time for a drink and fill it up with your own water bottle or a drinking fountain. (Caution: may result in happy, slurpy kisses.)

    Homemade Dog Treats Recipe

    4. “Thanks to Stasher, fresh homemade treats are always on repeat.”

      Human commentary: Whether you ask your pet to “sit” or “stay” – or they’re just looking extra cute – reward your Good Boy or Good Girl with homemade dog treats or diy cat treats, kept fresh in the freezer. Just be sure to clearly label your Stasher bags so you don’t mistake them for your own snacks!

      5. “Stasher bags keep my food fresh for mealtime – my favorite time of day!” 

        Human commentary: Have a picky eater on your hands or navigating your furry friend’s allergies? Experiment with some homemade dog food or homemade cat food recipes then freeze the food for up to 3 months, defrosting portions as needed at mealtime. Making homemade food in bulk is a great way to control what ingredients are in your pet’s food while also saving time on your end. Store frozen food in a large Stasher, like the Stand-Up Mega or 8-Cup Bowl, and scoop out servings as needed. Or, divide into single servings and store in smaller bags or bowls.

        Stasher Bags & Bowls for Freezing Homemade Pet Food

        Photo and 5-star review thanks to Alexandra C.

        6. “When doo-dy calls, Stasher (and my human!) do their duty.”

          Human commentary: Our Go Bag is your best companion — or maybe second best companion — on the go. And it turns out that the Go Bag especially comes in handy when your furry best friend has to go

          Use the built-in carabiner clip to attach the Go Bag to the end of your pet’s leash, your belt loops, or your backpack, and fill it with produce bags and other single-use plastics that are hard to avoid, but can be used as dog poop bags. (Just make sure said bag makes it into the trash!) 

          Pro eco-tip: you know that plastic air pillow wrap that often comes in packages? Some are perforated, so gently separate each “pillow,” snip the top off, and you have more dog-waste bags at your disposal.

          7. “Thanks to Stasher, my wardrobe stays tidy (and fabulous).”

            Human commentary: Stasher bags are the ultimate pet accessory organization system. Think: leashes, collars, and harnesses (we love Litto Howler) in a Stand-Up Mega Bag; bandanas in a Quart Bag; extra collars or clothes in a Stand-Up Mid Bag, and more. For extra organization, use a non-toxic chalk marker to write on your Stasher bags!

            8. “Stasher helps protect our beautiful planet – especially pet-friendly parks and beaches.”

              Human commentary: While Stasher bags and bowls are awesome for organization and a godsend for storage, the heart of our mission is to reduce the everyday use of disposable plastics and keep single-use packaging out of our landfills, oceans, and parks. So when you make the simple switch from single-use plastics to endlessly reusable Stasher products, you’re helping to protect our planet and ensure it stays beautiful for you and your furry friend to enjoy.

              Stasher Resuable Silicone Bags and Bowls for Pets

              9. “Stasher helps keep me healthy so I can continue to run and play.”

                Human commentary: Our furry friends need their medications and supplements, too! Store them all in one place at home in a Half Gallon Bag (no more digging through drawers!) or travel light by bringing decanted medication or supplements in a Pocket Bag.

                10. “New toys always seem to appear from inside Stasher bags and bowls. 🎾”

                  Human commentary: Some pets can get bored of toys quickly, but buying new toys all the time isn’t easy on the budget or the planet, so we came up with a sneaky, sustainable solution: use a large Stasher bag or 8-Cup Bowl to tuck away a few toys that aren’t in your pet’s current rotation. In a few months, bring those toys back out and present them like they’re brand new — most likely, your critter will be excited all over again! 

                  IMPORTANT TIP: Keep Stasher bags and bowls (especially if used for food or toys) out of your pet’s reach so there are no break-ins from sharp teeth or claws (some of us may or may not have learned this the hard way).

                  Keep Stasher Bags away from pets

                  How do you use Stasher bags and bowls to care for your furry friend? Tag @stasherbag on Instagram and TikTok to share your tips!

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