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Stasher Life

Fresh, organic produce grown in Oakland.

Bringing Food Justice to the Table: City Slicker Farms

Learn about how one community farm is helping to feed all of West Oakland with trailblazing sustainable agriculture, providing access to organic produce, and reducing waste.

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Making Meals with Leftover Veggies in a Stasher Bag

Stasher Recipes to Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is not. even. a. thing! At least, not with Stasher bags and bowls, as they make it easy to revive old produce, store leftovers, and much more.

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Stasher Bag Stencils for Valentine's Day

Sustainable Valentine’s Day Ideas with Stasher Stencils

Switch from so-so to SO FUN this Valentine's Day with sustainable ideas for gifting, gramming, and more. Plus, show some love with Stasher stencils!

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Eco drawer with reusable straws, bags, and water bottles

Easy, Eco-Friendly Swaps to Single-Use Plastic

Switching from single-use plastic doesn't have to be scary. Here are some easy ways to swap disposables in your life with sustainable, reusable solutions. 💚

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4 Winter Stencils to Draw on a Stasher Bag

4 Stasher Stencils for Winter Cheer

Make writing on Stasher bags a fun event with these winter-themed stencils that are perfect for gifting occasions, and more. ❄️ 

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Home to Organize & Detox Your Home | Stasher

How to Detox & Organize Your Home for the New Year

Detox and organize your living space with these handy tips to help reduce mental clutter, maximize storage, and avoid toxins.

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Holiday Gifts, Treats, & Decor to Make With Popcorn | Stasher

Holiday Gifts, Treats, & Decor to Make With Popcorn

Up your eco-friendly gifting game with homemade popcorn gifts. 🍿 These tasty, easy recipes and DIYs will make the holiday season POP.

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Low Waste Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Low Waste Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift wrapping is a great opportunity to reduce waste, add creative fun to your gifts, and help Save What Matters™. 

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Giving the Best Christmas Cookie Gifts: A Guide

Give the Best Christmas Cookie Gifts: A Guide 

Treat your friends and family to delicious holiday cookie gifts with these mouth-watering recipes and tips to make your gift more eco-friendly.

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