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Article: 4 Easy Zero-Waste Travel Swaps

Easy Swaps for Zero-Waste Travel | Stasher

4 Easy Zero-Waste Travel Swaps

4 easy zero-waste travel swaps

Yep, it’s true — Stasher bags and bowls aren’t just for meal prep. Our reusables are perfect for making travel at least a little less stressful by giving you ways to optimize packing, bring your essentials through security, and do it all with less disposable waste. No matter where you’re going, you can swap in a Stasher to make the trip a bit more sustainable. Here’s some ideas:

Reusable Phone & Electronics Protector

The Best Travel Bag for Securing Mobile Phone & Electronics

Instead of wrapping your phone and charging cords up in a single-use plastic baggie, use a Stasher Go Bag to keep them safe when at the beach, pool, or any travel destination! They’ll stay organized and protected from accidental water droplets or sandy hands; you can use your phone’s touchscreen without taking it out thanks to the clear silicone. The Go Bag's handy carabiner gives you the option to securely clip it to your travel or beach bag for easy access. 

Sustainable Snack Packs

Reusable Snack Bags for Travel

Our Snack bag or 1-Cup Bowl is your best bet for bringing, surprise, healthy snacks on your next trip. Make your own trail mix or stop by the bulk section of your local grocery store to fill up your bag, and when it’s empty, keep it on hand. Most cafes will happily slide a baked good into your bag and, if you have room on your outing, bigger Stasher bags can store leftovers from restaurants.

TSA-Friendly Travel Bags

Reusable bag for liquids during travel

Never again experience the nightmare of exploded shampoo or lotion bottles in your carry-on bag due to flimsy plastic baggies. Our Stasher silicone reusables are durable and have a leak-free Pinch-Loc® seal, and are transparent to meet TSA standards. Perfect size for storage of liquids? Try the Quart, Half Gallon, or Stand-Up Mid bags.

Dry Pack for Clothing

Reusable Storage Bags for Travel Carry On

Have you ever wrapped a wet swimsuit, washcloth, or towel in a plastic shopping bag in your luggage, hoping that it wouldn’t make everything else in your suitcase musty and damp? And then when you arrived to your next destination, half your suitcase was wet? Avoid this problem by using a Half Gallon or Stand-Up Mega bag to pack wet clothing (or even bring an extra pair of dry, clean clothes!) and ensure your suitcase stays how you left it.

Reusable Bags for Packing a Suitcase

Have you discovered a genius use for a Stasher reusable while you're traveling or on-the-go? Snap a pic and share it with us on Instagram or TikTok tagging @stasherbag! 


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