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Article: How to Extend the Life of Your Stasher

How to Recycle and Upcycle a Stasher Bag

How to Extend the Life of Your Stasher

How to Recyle & Upcycle Stasher Bags & Bowls | Stasher

Some say that nothing good lasts forever . . . but here at Stasher, our goal is to help cement sustainable choices into your daily life so that you can combat plastic pollution indefinitely. Oh, and to create a reusable that truly does replace your need for throwaway plastic thanks to the high-quality design and materials.

How to Recycle Damaged Stasher Bags & Bowls

But accidents happen. Let’s say a new puppy got a hold of your Stasher stash or something sharp (like a pencil or pocket knife) found its way into your Go Bag. Now what? We’ve mapped out this handy guide to help you determine what the best next steps are for your damaged bags and bowls to help ensure they get a new eco-conscious chapter.

Step 1: Prevent damage with proper care.

Mom was right: take care of what’s yours. In all seriousness, the best way to keep your Stasher bags and bowls around for the long term is by adhering to the care instructions. Keeping your Stasher clean is important, and thankfully it’s easy in either a dishwasher or by hand washing. Just remember to always dry your bags and bowls upside down, never turn them inside out!

Stasher Bags & Bowls are Dishwasher Safe

Turning bags inside out can compromise the leak-free seal and result in tears. Also, avoid storing anything sharp in your Stasher and make sure you keep the temperatures at or below 425°F when cooking. (Quick reminder — always put Stasher bags and bowls on a cookie sheet or in a pot when making meals in the oven or on the stovetop, respectively.)

Step 2: Repurpose and upcycle your Stasher.

Before you recycle or (gulp) even think about throwing your bag or bowl away, assess the damage. Does a small tear or puncture really make it entirely unusable? Probably not. Remember, your Stasher isn’t just for food storage and kitchen hacks — it’s also perfect for craft supplies, keeping charging cables organized, collecting trash while out hiking, and lots of other ideas.

How to Reuse Lightly Damaged Stasher Bags & Bowls

We’re also all about upcycling, which means to turn your Stasher into another item with a little creativity. Especially when it’s no longer suited for storage, think of a few other things it could be! We love this example of turning a Stasher Stand Up bag into a purse using a scarf. Other ideas could be using a bowl as a planter or cutting them up to make coasters.

Join Stasher's Free Recycling Program with Terracycle

Step 3: Join our free recycling program with TerraCycle.

If you’ve determined that your Stasher is damaged beyond use, don’t fret. Grab a free shipping label from our website and send any well-loved bags and bowls to TerraCycle, our recycling partner. They grind up damaged silicone to create useful products like track surfaces for playgrounds.

Your Stasher doesn’t belong in a landfill, so share this article with your network to remind them how to repurpose and recycle bags and bowls. And if you have ideas on how to upcycle your lightly-damaged Stasher bags and bowls, give us a tag on social @stasherbag.

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