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Fun Lunchbox Ideas for Kids | Stasher

Fun Lunchbox Ideas For Kids

Move over, PB&J. Our newest guide is all about healthy, tasty, wallet-friendly, planet-loving lunchbox ideas your littles will love. 🙌

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Freezer Meals in Reusable Silicone Storage Containers

Freezer Meals: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you wanted to know about freezer meals — what dishes freeze well, how long they last, and more. Bookmark this guide!

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Work From Home Lunch Ideas | Stasher

Work From Home Lunch Ideas

Working from home comes with its own set of benefits (namely: pajama pants during conference calls) and drawbacks. For instance, without the usual rhythms of office life to structure your day, it’...

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Meal Prep Ideas for College Students

Meal Prep Ideas For College Students

Save time with these handy food prep ideas to make college life more delicious — and planet-friendly. 😋

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Garlic Chili Oil Noodles Recipe

Quick Garlic Chili Oil Noodles 

Spice up your to-go meal with these quick, flavorful chili oil noodles that are easy to prep, transport, reheat, and eat from your Stasher bowl! 🍜

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Tasty 4-Ingredient Homemade Dog Treats

Tasty 4-Ingredient Dog Treats

Make these simple homemade dog treats in bulk and use a Stasher bag or bowl to store them in the freezer — fresh noms on demand makes for a happy dog!

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Easy Overnight Oats in a Stasher Leak-Free Bowl

Easy Overnight Oats

Easy and delicious: the perfect grab-and-go breakfast or snack for busy and active days.

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Rice Buddha Bowl Recipe

Wild Rice Buddha Bowl

Buddha bowls are a great way to pack yummy nutrients into a meal. Plus, it's easy to prep, cook, and store the ingredients in a Stasher bowl!

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10 healthy nutritious baby food recipes

10 Healthy & Nutritious Homemade Baby Food Recipes

From first tastes to favorite flavors, discover Stasher's healthy and nutritious homemade baby food recipes if you're looking for inspiration.

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