6 Reasons to Finally Make the Swap From Plastic Baggies to Stashers

Back in my pre-low waste lifestyle days, I used to use tons of plastic baggies— for packing, snacks, leftovers, and more. They would pile up everywhere, including my garbage. Now I can proudly say I’ve swapped out all my single-use plastic baggies for Stasher bags and haven’t looked back. Not only do they save me money, they are much more eco-friendly, more versatile, and more durable. Here are some of the top ways that Stasher bags win in my book over their disposable, flimsy counterparts.

You can put them in the oven and microwave

Let’s face it: you can do much more with a reusable silicone Stasher bag than a single-use plastic baggie. You can put them in the oven and in the microwave, neither of which you should be exploring for a disposable plastic baggie. You can also put them in the dishwasher and freezer! 

An investment that saves you money

Stocking your Stasher collection may be a bit more of an upfront investment, but once you have the amount you need, you won’t need to keep buying single-use plastic baggies. I still have my first Stasher that I bought over three years now and it’s still going strong. My suggestion: buy a few at first, then add one to your shopping cart every month or two until you’re fully stocked. Or go all-in with the Starter Kit and get everything you need to get started (with a nice bundle discount). 

Stashers are better for the environment

There are so many ways that Stasher bags are better for the environment than disposable plastic baggies— they are reusable (preventing waste), and they don’t require you to drive to the store to constantly buy new ones. Bonus: Our Repurpose Program turns old bags into playground pebbles if you send them back to us at the end of their very long lives. 

You’ll be stylin’

So looks aren’t everything, but they don’t hurt, do they?! It’s fun to have colorful Stasher bags instead of flimsy disposable plastic baggies. They can help represent more of who you are — colorful, eco-friendly, and stylish. Have you seen the Mojave Collection? Talk about causing some serious bag envy. 

It's a teachable moment

Nearly every time I pull a Stasher out of my bag or use it in the bulk section at the supermarket, someone comments on how cool they are. I love using this as an opportunity to share that they are eco-friendly reusable bags that are great for snacking, shopping in bulk, and so much more. I am pretty sure I have converted more than a couple of cashiers at this point to join the Stasher fam. Squad, assemble! 

The environment, and women, are stakeholders

Not only are Stasher bags better for your wallet, more versatile, and better for the planet, Stasher is also a woman-founded and proud pledge 1% of all sales to nonprofits working to protect the planet. That means ethics and environment are top of mind for every decision we make. Our responsibility to our planet is baked into every aspect of how Stasher bags are made — from the materials that we use, to recently going package-free in order to further reduce our footprint.


This post was written by Sara Weinreb. She is the host of the Medium Well podcast, sustainability and design thinking consultant, contributor at Forbes, and shares it all on Instagram @saraweinreb 


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