The Best Reusable Silicone Storage Bags You Can Buy (According to These Experts)

We're not ones to brag, but give us a quick minute here because we are overwhelmed with the amount of attention our radically functional, planet-safe, endlessly reusable silicone bags have been getting lately. 

We started our company with a mission to provide a healthy alternative to single-use plastics and are laser focused on giving back to the planet in a variety of ways — from donating 1% of our profits to organizations actively working to save our planet (like 5 Gyers and the Mojave Desert Land Trust), to reducing our own footprint by eliminating packaging. 

As we like to say, change is made with one small step, and those small steps eventually add up to big impacts. We couldn't be more proud or grateful to you, our Stasher Squad, for taking these steps with us, and making Stasher a must-have replacement to plastic. Just check out some of these headlines, will ya!? 


San Francisco Business Times 

We were named the #1 fastest growing company in the Bay Area! 

Stasher bags fastest growing private company 2019


Food & Wine Magazine 

Food and Wine Stasher bags review



Domino review of Stasher bags



MyRecipes Stasher bags review



POPSUGAR Stasher Bags review


Outside Magazine 

Outdoor Magazine Stasher bag review


Best Products

Best Products Stasher bag review

Best Products Best of 2019 Reviews Stasher bags


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