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Article: Life Update: Your Stasher is the New Mason Jar. Here are 6 Easy Salads You'll Want to Stash

Life Update: Your Stasher is the New Mason Jar. Here are 6 Easy Salads You'll Want to Stash

Life Update: Your Stasher is the New Mason Jar. Here are 6 Easy Salads You'll Want to Stash

There's no doubt that the mason jar salad was a cultural phenomenon loved by meal-preppers and Instagrammers around the globe. We loved it for it's eco-friendly sensibilities, but the mason jar definitely had it's drawbacks. Mainly? Its weight and shape. 

No body shaming to glass intended, but not only can they weigh you down but they're also pretty hard to store in a full bag since they're inflexible. 

Rosie Tran Stasher Salad

Take a queue from #StasherSquad frequent flyer Rosie Tran and lighten your load by using a Stasher instead. Rosie writes

"I love carrying my meals in jars, but on a multiday trip, it’s impossible to carry all this glass. So I did some experimenting and put together a little meal in my Stasher bag! All about simple meals lately: roasted chicken, red cabbage, quinoa, romanesco, and herb mix of greens. These silicone bags are oven-safe but I will be enjoying this straight out of the bag with a bit of olive oil, lemon juice, and hot sauce!" 

We could (obviously) not agree more, Rosie. And we're totally on-board with simple, too. Since May is National Salad Month, we thought we'd give you a head start with these recipe ideas that are Stasher-approved and ready for Pinning to your meal prep boards. Bonus tip: stash your dressing in a Pocket to avoid soggy lettuce. Happy eating!


Simple Scrappy Summer Salad 

Summer Salad Recipe

This simple-yet-satisfying salad is called scrappy for a reason: it uses every bit of the veggie, including the broccoli leaves and stems, along with the carrot tops to make a refreshing pesto dressing, making this a tasty zero-waste dish. It'll take your farmer's market haul to the next level.


Crunchy Thai Salad 

Crunchy Thai Salad Recipe

Can't you just taste the raw kale and cabbage in this photo? This crunchy thai salad is perfect for warm days when you'd do anything to avoid turning on the oven and can be eaten right out of the bag. Naturally. 


Forbidden Rice Buddha Bowl 

Forbidden Rice Buddha Bowl Recipe

This flavorful forbidden rice and veggie salad is mind-blowingly easy to meal prep and even easier to pack since it tastes great chilled. Just toss the ingredients in a Stasher and store in your fridge till you're ready to eat. 


Simple Kale Salad With Lemon Tahini Dressing 

Simple Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing Recipe

Four ingredients for the salad, four ingredients for the dressing. If you're short on time (or not so great in the kitchen), this simple kale salad packs a flavorful punch and can be made in bulk so all you have to do is reach in and grab a serving. Brilliant. 


Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Salad 

Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Salad Recipe

If you're gonna step out on kale, orzo is a perfect side piece. Mixing olives, lemon, and ricotta, this classic Mediterranean orzo pasta salad can also be subbed with quinoa if you're gluten free. 


 Sweet Potato and Pesto Grain Salad 

 Sweet Potato and Pesto Grain Salad Recipe

Who doesn't love a good chilled grain bowl in the hot hot heat? This sweet potato and pesto bowl calls for rice but you can substitute quinoa for an extra nutritional punch that will satiate your lunchtime hunger without making you feel totally stuffed. A good thing when the temps rise. 

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