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Article: Power Up Mom's Workout With These 6 Fitness-Focused Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Power Up Mom's Workout With These 6 Fitness-Focused Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Power Up Mom's Workout With These 6 Fitness-Focused Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Every mom loves a good Sunday brunch, but for Mother's Day this year, consider gifting her with something more aligned to her personal interests. Is your mom a fitness fanatic? First of all, yes queen. Second, you should definitely consider one of these environmentally-friendly gifts that are sure to heat up her life and make her sweat it out in the best possible ways. 

And because you're planning ahead (and deserve an extra mimosa for your superior organizational skills), may we recommend the Tropical Collection


Sugamat Yoga Mat ($79)

Eco Yoga Mat Sugamat

Speaking of aligning to interests, Sugamats are made from recycled wetsuits, diverting thousands upon thousands of non-biodegradable neoprene from landfills and mainlining it right into your mom's daily dose of bliss.

Sugamat is also a fellow member of 1% For The Planet which not only makes them a kindred spirit, but an ally in the effort to fund environmental non-profits making an impact. 


Allbirds Wool Runners in Tuke Jam ($95)

Allbirds Wool Runners in Tuke Jam

We don't know many moms out there that don't already own a pair (or two) of Allbirds, but if your matriarch isn't yet flying on the wings of comfort the Allbirds Wool Runners are lightweight, insanely cozy, and are great for getting to and from the aforementioned yoga class. Plus, this Tuke Jam color is exceptionally hip. 

Even hipper than hip: Allbirds is a fellow certified B-Corp (highest of fives!), which means the environment is a stakeholder in business decisions, not just profit. 


Stasher Sandwich Bag ($11.99) 

Stasher Sandwich Bag

We can't let a gifting opportunity pass by without a PSA about our Stasher Sandwich Bags that are the perfect size for storing smoothie ingredients in the freezer. Just bust 'em out of the ice box, add your favorite "milk" product, and blend. Healthy moms everywhere will rejoice. 


ThreeSixZero Around the Block Bike ($299)

Being bike-friendly is becoming a feature more and more cities are boasting about, making it safer (and more environmentally considerate) than ever to get around on two wheels. If you really want to spoil mom, check out a cruiser bike like this one from ThreeSixZero. She can get her heart pumping and run errands (or just, you know — take a few moments to herself) all in one go.


Notabag Convertible Bag ($22) 

We love this Notabag for its versatility: mom can store snacks, jump ropes, gym clothes, sneakers, sweat towels, a book, whatever her heart desires in this thing and not to mention it looks very cool when worn as a backpack. Pairing this Notabag with a few Stashers, and mom has a truly plastic-free way to hit the gym, the grocery store, or tote her lunch to work. 


Athleta Metro Street Jogger ($89)

Oh how we love Athleta so let us count the ways the Metro Street Jogger will change up mom's athleisure game. Not only is the fabric super luxe and comfortable, but its style is flexible enough that she can wear them from yoga to brunch to lounging with a good book. In fact, that kinda sounds like the best Mother's Day ever so go ahead and steal that plan. You're welcome. 

A certified B-Corp, Athleta is making huge strides with their sustainable practices with 60% of their materials sourced from sustainable fibers, 70% of packaging waste being diverted from landfills, and are planning even bigger numbers in the future. 


Now It's Your Turn

Here's a little gift for you since we're big fans of giving back: you can get 20% off your first order by joining the Plastic-Free MovementIt's a win for you, mom, and the environment. 


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