5 Easy DIYs to Help Mom Self Care and Chill

In the time of COVID, Mother's Day just feels different. Between work, distance learning, the in-your-face stress of a full household (with very little "me" time), and the emotional stress of living through a pandemic, your mom (or a mom you love) could really use a break. The typical Mother's Day brunch may be out the window, but you can still show your favorite mom how much you care with a easy handmade gift that encourages her to decompress. 

These DIYs a breeze to create, inexpensive, and are made up of simple ingredients you may already have lying around the house. Better yet, they're easy to gift right in a Stasher bag for safe, no-contact doorstep delivery. We'd call that a win for the planet and mom's sanity. 

Check out the DIYs below and show us how you're taking care of your moms this year on Instagram!  

Luxurious Coconut Lavender Body Scrub 

This amazing four ingredient body scrub smells divine and takes only a few minutes to put together. Even better: make it in a Stasher, gift it in a Stasher, store it in a Stasher. It literally couldn't get any easier. We'd recommend the Milky Way Sandwich size


Zero Waste Bath Bombs 

Only six ingredients on these delightful zero waste bath bombs make your shopping list a breeze and putting them together is super simple thanks to the video tutorial we've got at the link. This is one of our personal faves from our friend EcoGoddess. We also love the Sandwich Moonstone as packaging for this gift, or if you're going for a big batch, a Stand-Up


Reuseable Refreshment Wipes 

Sure, these are widely known as "baby wipes," but these environmentally responsible DIY lavender wipes aren't just good for babies. They're also great for mom to store in her bag, a desk drawer, or bedside table when the stress sweats hit. We've been there and totally understand. 


Everyday Create Kit 

Is your mom more of the creative type who's longing for an outlet? Gather up some paints, pens, a sketchpad, a journal, or whatever ignites her personal creative superpower. Bonus: gifting and storing in a Stasher makes this gift clean, tidy, and eco-friendly to boot. 


At-Home Movie Night 

There's nothing wrong with staying in and indulging in a guilty pleasure and some movie theater style candy. In fact, it's our favorite way to spend a Saturday night. Easy gift idea: a Netflix subscription and her favorite sweet treats. Grab an extra Stasher and throw in some popcorn (that you can actually make in the bag!) and it's a lovely night in for one. 


Your Turn

What are your favorite DIYs? Share with us on Instagram using #SaveWhatMatters! 


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