For The Planet: How You Helped Make an Impact in 2019

Stasher didn't start out as just a better solution to single-use plastic--we've always been focused on how to leave our planet better than we found it. And as a proud member of 1% For the Planet, we donate  a portion of our sales directly to high-impact nonprofits working to restore and maintain our natural environment.
This means, every time you buy a Stasher bag, you're helping to give back, improve, restore, and educate the world on plastic pollution (and more). From sea to shining sea, you helped make a big impact in 2019 and we couldn't be more grateful. Here's to even more progress in 2020!

Saving what matters. 

When COVID-19 accelerated into a worldwide pandemic, we shifted focus on what mattered most right now: healthy people for a healthy planet. Because a school lunch is often the only meal a child will eat in a day, we donated $100,000 to No Kid Hungry, helping to keep bellies full around the country.  

Backing the desert.

Funds from our Mojave collection went straight to the Mojave Desert Land Trust to secure, preserve, and restore wild desert lands, fund the MDLT's Native Plant Nursery, and support youth programs that teach underserved communities to become stewards of the land.

Science on the seas

We're proud to support 5 Gyers, one of the global leaders in the plastic-free movement and one of the first organizations to research plastics in our oceans. Our dollars go directly to plastic research that helps push through legislation and policy toward a plastic-free ocean.

Breast friends

We partnered with the Keep a Breast Foundation on a limited edition collection that provided much-needed funds to support education and awareness of breast health and a plastic-free lifestyle.

Making it rain(forest)

We channeled funds to the Rainforest Alliance, giving a boost to programs that ensure the longevity and preservation of the Brazilian rainforest. This includes advocating for stronger local, national, and international policies, strengthening indigenous peoples’ rights, and supporting local sustainable businesses.

What's next? 

Our new Tropical collection will benefit the Coral Reef Alliance, but we've got other partners lined up through the rest of 2020. Stay tuned as we announce them in the weeks and months to come! 

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