Download This Free Stencil 4-Pack to Celebrate Earth Day Indoors

Celebrate Earth Day and keep the kids occupied with a fun craft? That's a win if you ask us. This fun, printable stencil pack is totally free (there are four included — download your own right here), and a good way to start the conversation about protecting the planet from single use plastics. Mark that social studies lesson plan done!

One of the things our Stasher Squad loves most about our reusable bags is that you can personalize them — use something permanent, like Sharpies, or get creative with chalk markers or white erase board markers, which come off with soap and water. 

Beyond art projects, writing on your Stasher can serve many purposes — from adding the date to food before you toss it in the freezer (Stashers make great reusable freezer bags!), write your kids' name on it for school lunches, or in this case, to create your own custom artwork. 
We asked one of our favorite artists (shout out to Rad and Happy!) to create a set of stencil designs that not only fit perfectly on our reusable sandwich bags, but allow your kids (or your own inner child, of course) to get creative with color and accents. 
Check out how cute these things are! Want to get started? All you have to do is:


  1. Download the design pack here.
  2. Print them out and cut along the dotted guidelines. Pro tip: print on the blank side of junk mail to make this even more planet-friendly. 
  3. Grab some Stasher sandwich bags, chalk or whiteboard markers, and let the fun begin! Use Sharpies for a permanent look. 
  4. Don't forget to share your designs with us on Instagram using #Stasherbag! 



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