The Ultimate Sustainability Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For Everyone On Your List

If you're committed to buying more sustainable, better-for-the-earth gifts this year, an easy way to insure your money is going to the things you care about (like the environment) is to invest your dollars in companies that are focused on the greater good. But how do you know which companies are truly committed to the planet?

Stasher is proud to be a B Corporation, a certification which means balancing purpose and profit by keeping the wellbeing of workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment in mind while producing products is priority one. And it's not just talk: B Corp companies are legally required to consider the environmental impact their business has on the planet. In fact, the assessment process is comprehensive:

"Assessment evaluates how a company’s operations and business model impact workers, community, environment, and customers. From the supply chain and input materials to charitable giving and employee benefits, B Corp Certification proves a business is meeting the highest standards of verified performance."

So when you're gifting a B Corp product, you know they're in the business of doing good. And in the spirit of doing good for the planet and the people around you, here are some of my favorite B Corp products to gift this holiday season.

For the traveler: Allbirds sneakers 

If I am walking out the door, I’m probably wearing Allbirds. They are the most comfortable shoes I own, and they make a great holiday gift for someone who loves to travel — all that walking through airport terminals will be oh-so-comfy in 2020. Allbirds uses sustainable materials in all of their shoes, such as merino wool and tercel for their uppers, recycled plastic water bottles for their laces, and sugarcane for their soles. 


For the outdoor enthusiast: tentree Destination Mountain jacket

The tentree Mountain Destination jacket is as functional as it is sustainable, and is a warm and water-resistant gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. In addition to be being made of 100% recycled polyester and 100% recycled insulation, ten trees are planted for each jacket sold (hence, the name!), helping to regenerate our resources instead of depleting them. tentree also ranks in the top 1% for manufacturing in the B Corp community.


For the homebody: Baabuk slippers

Slippers are seemingly a crowd-pleasing gift, and I’m always a fan of investing in quality over quantity. Baabuk’s handcrafted wool slippers fit the bill. They are artisan-made in Nepal, where Baabuk focuses on ensuring fair wages and sustainable practices in their supply chain. Not to mention they are cozy and warm, and cute to boot.


For the beauty addict: Ethique's beauty bars

Ethique is setting out to remove plastic from your bathroom, and I’m here for it. With an expansive selection of bar soap, deodorant, shampoo bars, facial cleansers and more, you can snag plastic-free and palm oil-free bars and transform any beauty routine to be a little more sustainable. They even have a pet line! Cherry on top? 20% of their profits fund environmental charities.


For the pet owner: P.L.A.Y. dog beds

Our pets deserve sustainable gifts too! P.L.A.Y.’s dog beds are filled with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic water bottles (there are up to 108 bottles are used in every bed!) and they donate a portion of their sales to support dog shelters. The dog beds also come with removable covers, to make washing a breeze (a.k.a. the bed will last a lot longer), and they come in dozens of stylish patterns. Perfect for the planet-loving pooch in your life. 

P.L.A.Y. Dog beds

For the chef: Full Circle’s Fresh Air Compost Collector

I love to cook and if the chef in your life is anything like me, there ends up being a fair amount of food scraps. Enter composting: one of my favorite sustainable-living habits. Composting is such an easy and important thing to do for the environment, and Full Circle’s Fresh Air Compost Collector makes it easy to pick up the habit. This composter is made of recycled plastic and steel and is a good all-around counter essential. I like to put my composter in the freezer (to help reduce smells and to keep things fresh), Full Circle makes a scrap happy freezer bin that might rock their worlds. 

Full Circle Compost

For the fitness fanatic: Athleta’s SuperSonic leggings

While I always aim for shopping locally and from small businesses, I also love supporting big brands that are authentically moving towards sustainability, like Athleta. Their SuperSonic leggings are made of recycled nylon and are produced in a FairTrade factory. Athleta has ambitious sustainability goals, such as having 80% of their materials made with sustainable fibers by 2020.


For the clean freak: membership to Grove Collaborative’s VIP program

While giving a roll of recycled toilet paper or bathroom cleaner may not be the sexiest gift, perhaps the clean freak in your life would appreciate a membership to sustainability-focused Grove Collaborative’s VIP program. Grove sources products based on their safety, sustainability, and ethics in the supply chain, and VIP members get free shipping, gifts, and access to new products, which include cleaning supplies as well as kitchen utensils, beauty products, and more.

Grove Collective

For the shoe collector: Nisolo shoes

Nisolo’s shoes are timely and timeless, and I kind of want all of them. Nisolo is dedicated to transparency, ethics, and sustainability in their supply chain, so much so that they even released a “lowest wages” report to be transparent about pay in their supply chain. They also collect used shoes to recycle by micro entrepreneurs in the developing world. When it comes to social and environmental impact, Nisolo is the real deal, and their designs are all gift-worthy as well. Pick out a pair for your gift recipient, or snag a gift card so they can pick their own.

Nisolo Shoes


For everyone on your list: Stasher bags 

Not to lay it on too thick, but Stasher bags really are the gift that keeps on giving, no matter who's on your shopping list. Seriously, check out the Stasher Gift Guide for proof. Not only does every purchase eliminate thousands of single-use plastic bags from landfills and oceans, but a portion of every purchase goes directly to high-impact nonprofits working to protect, restore, and revitalize the planet. Can't go wrong! 

Stasher bags 

This post was written by Sara Weinreb. She is the host of the Medium Well podcast, sustainability and design thinking consultant, contributor at Forbes, and shares it all on Instagram.