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Article: The Best Camping Snack Ideas

The Best Camping Snack Ideas | Stasher

The Best Camping Snack Ideas

Calling all adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and camping lovers! Roll up that sleeping bag and grab your tent, because we're rounding up the best camping snacks to take along on your next adventure. From a trail mix snack pack to homemade granola, these camping snack ideas will keep you nourished and energized so that you can swim, climb, and explore our beautiful planet.

Camping snacks you can buy at the store

Camping snacks you can buy at the store

Protein Bars and Granola Bars

Protein bars, like Clif Bars or Kind Bars, are a snacking classic, and for good reason: they're densely packed with nutrition to give you a burst of energy on the go. Plus, they're small and lightweight, so it's easy to slip one into your pocket before the day's adventures.

Oranges, Tangerines, and Bananas

Citrus fruits are perfect for a quick blood-sugar boost and don't require refrigeration, which is always a plus when cooler space is a hot commodity. Another one of our favorite easy camping snacks is bananas – like citrus fruits, their peel is like nature's own personal Stasher camping food bag, so no need to use any extra plastics or containers when packing them (unless of course you do need them pre-peeled, then by all means!).

Cold-pressed Juices

To cut down on single-use plastics, buy cold-pressed juices like Suja or Evolution Fresh in big, bulk-sized jugs and then fill up reusable water bottles with a serving or two to store in the cooler. H3: Sparkling Waters You don't need us to tell you the importance of staying hydrated while out in nature, but... it's important to stay hydrated while out in nature! While nothing beats a big swig of good, old-fashioned water, we also love Spindrift sparkling waters, which are made with real squeezed fruit.

Electrolyte Drinks

Sweating under the sun? Replenish your body with mineral-rich electrolyte waters. Our favorite, no contest: Nuun's strawberry lemonade electrolyte tablets, which you can just pop into a reusable water bottle filled with 16 fl oz of water. (And as an added plus, they're sweetened with monk fruit extract and stevia leaf extract! Win-win.)

Cereal or Granola

Don't sleep on cereal and granola, because they're not just for breakfast! For a satisfying and crunchy snack, opt for whole-grain cereals with ample fiber and protein, like Nature's Path pumpkin seed + flax granola.

Make-ahead camping snacks that will last the whole trip

Make-ahead camping snacks that will last the whole trip

Homemade Trail Mix Snack Pack

Trail mix and mixed nuts make good camping snacks because they're full of protein, healthy fats, and natural fruit sugars — not to mention the occasional piece of chocolate or caramel! Need a little trail mix inspiration? Check out our three favorite healthy recipes here!

Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

The day before your camping trip, make these oven-roasted chickpeas for a crunchy, shelf-stable snack. Rinse and dry a can (or three!) of chickpeas. Drizzle with avocado oil and season to taste (we like salt, pepper, garlic powder, and smoked paprika), then roast on a rimmed cookie sheet at 425* F for about 25 minutes. Let your chickpeas cool completely, then stash 'em in your favorite Stasher bag.

DIY Protein Bars

For a low-waste alternative to store-bought protein bars, consider doing a little DIY and whipping up these protein bar recipes yourself. As a bonus, they're all vegan, dairy free, and gluten free. Slide one into a Stasher Snack Bag, and you're good to go!

Healthy Homemade Granola

Here's another one for the breakfast lovers. This healthy homemade granola is free of refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, packed with whole grains and seeds, and it can be endlessly customized. Plus, it doesn't require refrigeration, so pour some out into a Stasher Go Bag, and clip it to your daypack for easy access.

Vegan Chocolate Banana Protein Balls

For what is quite possibly the single easiest make-ahead camping snack, try our Vegan Chocolate Banana Protein Balls! Mix mashed banana with coconut oil, cocoa powder, and vegan protein powder, and roll into balls. Pop them into a Stasher Sandwich Bag and keep them in the cooler till you're ready to snack!

Collagen Energy Bites

If you loved our Vegan Chocolate Banana Protein Balls and are ready to level up, then say hello to our 7-Ingredient Collagen Energy Bites. They're just as easy to make but are loaded with even more goodness, like ground flax and nut butters.

Before you hit the road for your next camping trip, make sure to pack up your Stasher bags with lots of energizing snacks, and also check out the blogs linked below! We can't wait to see what you make – and where you go – with Stasher.

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