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Stasher Life

Freezer Meals in Reusable Silicone Storage Containers

Freezer Meals: Everything You Need to Know

Everything you wanted to know about freezer meals — what dishes freeze well, how long they last, and more. Bookmark this guide!

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How To Store Makeup: Organization Ideas | Stasher

How To Store Makeup: Organization Ideas

This handy guide for organizing and storing makeup will help you put an end to clutter and unnecessary waste. 💄💅🏽

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Easy Guide to Buying Food in Bulk | Stasher

How to Buy in Bulk With Stasher

Stasher reusables are perfect for bulk food shopping, which helps reduce waste and your grocery budget! 🤑 Here are 4 easy steps to get you started as a sustainable bulk shopper.

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How to Recycle and Upcycle a Stasher Bag

How to Extend the Life of Your Stasher

Stasher reusables are built to last, but accidents happen so we created this handy guide to help you make the most of your Stasher bags and bowls.

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How to Clean & Sterilize Breast Pump Parts | Stasher

How to Clean & Sterilize Breast Pump Parts

Learn the easiest way to sterilize breast pump parts with just a microwave and your Stasher bag or bowl.

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How to Pack Makeup for Travel | Stasher

How to Pack Makeup for Travel

Ready to arrive in style with your beauty essentials intact, organized, and leak-free? Read this handy guide for makeup packing tips.

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How to Travel With Breast Milk | Stasher

How To Travel With Breast Milk

This handy guide covers how to pack chilled and frozen breast milk for travel by car and plane — minus the disposable plastic waste.

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Hair Care Storage & Organization Ideas | Stasher

Hair Care Storage & Organization Ideas

These clever storage ideas will keep your hair care products and accessories organized, accessible, and leak-free — at home and when traveling.

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How To Organize Skincare Products | Stasher

How to Organize Skincare Products

This handy guide offers simple hacks to keep your skincare products organized and easy to find.

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