Wine is Cool, but These 5 Zero-Waste and Sustainable Host or Hostess Gifts are Even Cooler

Heading to a party (or a dozen) this holiday season? It can be hard to decide on the perfect hostess gifts, especially when you are sustainably minded and don’t want to give something that will end up in a donation pile. But, fear not! There are a lots of ways to bring a gift that is sure to please. Here are my favorite ways to approach gift giving for a host or hostess with the mostest. 

Bring a dish, gift the vessel

My mom always uses this trick when heading to a party and it works so well! Whether you're bringing a salad or dessert (or any dish in-between) to a party, bring it in a beautiful bowl or serving platter that the host can keep and enjoy afterward. Even if you aren’t bringing your own food, a serving dish, cutting board, a beautiful pitcher, or other accent pieces are always a fun and utilitarian gift. This works particularly well when you know the host well enough to know their esthetic. 

Sustainable kitchen tools

I’m always seeking opportunities to help my friends and family be a little more sustainable, and a hostess gift is the perfect opportunity. Consider gifting some of your favorite sustainable household items such as a Stasher bundle, cotton produce bags, reusable napkins, glass straws, or whatever you fancy.

Oftentimes the only barrier to a sustainable lifestyle is having the right tools, so you can help get the hostess moving along. You can fill the Stasher bag or produce bag with some fair trade chocolate, a batch of your favorite cookies, or another sweet treat so it feels extra festive.


Replenish their tea stash

A lot of people bring wine, and that is often a great option if alcohol is on their personal menu. If they're alcohol free (or you just want to offer something different), consider tea. I love gifting (and receiving) tea because who doesn’t love having a variety of teas in their pantry? And it helps them to potentially discover something new! I love Pukka and Traditional Medicinals, which are both herbal based, sustainable, and plastic free.

As an herbalist-in-training, I plan to bring some homemade tea mixes for friends this holiday season. If you're into gifting tea, grab a Pocket Stasher and some twine or ribbon and you've got a uniquely personal gift you can take anywhere. 

Go natural 

If your host has a green thumb, plants are a lovely gift. They add nature and beauty to one’s home, and even help to filter the air. If your hostess is not a plant regular, consider a low maintenance plant like a pothos, zz plant, or snake plant. If you’re not sure if they are into plants, flowers are a great swap. 


Bring a homemade, consumable gift

It’s always fun and festive to bring something you’ve made yourself, and a hostess gift is no exception. In fact, it’s even more relevant because they are likely making food for you! Some ideas include your favorite trail mix or homemade granola, jam or compotes, chocolate fudge or bark, or even a loaf of sourdough if you are a baker (I just started making sourdough myself!) or cookies — and throw them in a Stasher for an added bonus.


This post was written by Sara Weinreb. She is the host of the Medium Well podcast, sustainability and design thinking consultant, contributor at Forbes, and shares it all on Instagram. 


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