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Article: Stasher swims in the Shark Tank

stasher on shark tank

Stasher swims in the Shark Tank

Earlier this year, our CEO and Founder, Kat Nouri, pitched stasher to the most notorious group of investors in the world on ABC's Shark Tank!

The episode (season 9; episode 15) aired on Sunday, January 7th at 10pm. Click here to watch the episode on and find out if she made a deal! Get the inside story on how it all went down below:

What was it like to audition for the show?

"It was by far the most exciting and the most nerve racking thing I've ever done in my life... and completely grueling."

What was your reaction when you learned you were going to appear on the show?

"Shocked, thrilled, and numb. The stage fright was very real and the anxiety was extreme, but the excitement overtook all of it."

Did you target any Sharks or were you open to all of them?

"We knew we wanted to work with Marc before we even applied to Shark Tank! He was the  strategic partner we were seeking to grow our direct to consumer channel! I have the utmost respect for all the sharks and would be honored to work with any of them."

stasher on shark tank

How did you feel when you were on the set?

"I felt like it was really such a glamorous space to be in! It felt out of this world, and it was really exciting to be in Sony Studios on the set. But when it came down to it, you were really just in front of other investors.... with a little bit more drama."

Don't have network TV? You can also catch the episode on Hulu and Amazon

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