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Article: How to Organize Reusable Silicone Bags

How to Organize Reusable Silicone Bags

How to Organize Reusable Silicone Bags

We all know single-use plastic is harmful to the environment and contributes to plastic pollution. Committing to use food-grade silicone bags and reduce the use of single-use plastic zip bags allows you to do your part in helping to reduce waste. However, commiting to a reusable lifestyle can come with the stress of how to store and organize those items without creating clutter.

Well, that is what we are here to discuss in this post! We’ve compiled several different ways you can neatly organize and store your reusable silicone bags.

How to Organize Reusable Bags

Choose Your Storage Location
Reusable silicone bags can be neatly stored in various ways. Common ways include using drawers and cabinets.

  • Drawers
    • Shallow - Shallow drawers are a great solution for laying bags flat. We recommend grouping them by Snack, Sandwich, Quart and Half Gallon sizes.
    • Deep - Deep drawers also work for storing reusable bags and silicone bowls. You can stand the bags up along the sides to create easy access. Another great option when storing in deep drawers is to utilize bins that let you separate by size or purpose.
  • Cabinets
    • Laying Flat & Stacking - You can stack your bags on top of each other in your cabinets.
    • Standing Up - Standing your bags up and lining them by size is a simple and easy cabinet storage option. This solution also allows you to easily see all your size and type options.
    • Bins - Utilize bins to make it easy to pull out your bags to find the option you are looking for. This method helps to prevent “tower falls” if you wanted a bag that was at the bottom of your stack.

Creative Storage Solutions
If you have a small space or just limited cabinets/drawers, there are other creative ways you can store your silicone bags.

  • Hanging
    • Hooks or Racks - Maximize space in other cabinets by hanging your bags with hooks or racks from the tops of cabinets.
    • Storage System - Invest in a storage system specifically for reusable bags. These can be attached to walls or pantry doors.

Container with Lid - Another great storage option is to put your reusable bags inside of a tote or box with a lid. This keeps them nicely contained and can be easily pulled out when needing to find a bag


Leak-free bags for baby wipes and pump parts


    Importance of organizing and storing them efficiently
    Not only does properly storing and organizing your reusable silicone bags help to keep then neat and organized it also offers other benefits such as:

    • Extending the life of the bag - Proper organization can help prevent silicone bags from getting damaged with possible pinches/scratches or being misplaced. This helps to prolong their lifespan and reduce the need for frequent replacements.
    • Convenience - When organized you can easily find the size/bag you need, saving both time and frustration.
    • Maximizing Storage Space - Organizing silicone bags allows you to stack and store them efficiently, maximizing the use of available storage space in your kitchen or pantry.

    Maintenance Tips
    Even when properly storing your silicone bags, it is still beneficial to maintain your bags. Help prolong the life of your reusable bags with a few tips:

    • Check for wear and tear - Regularly inspect your bags to see how they are wearing or if there are any possible trouble areas.
    • Regular Cleaning - You should always clean your silicone bags/bowls after using them. It is also important to allow them to completely dry before storing! We recommend our compostable drying rack.
    • Ensure Tight Seals - Get the best performance out of your bags and bowls by being sure to have the leak-free Pinch-LocⓇ seal closed.

    Finding a storage option is easy and can be done in any space! We hope that if you’re struggling with ways to store your bags, that one of these solutions will work for you!

    Have other useful ways to store your silicone bags? We want to see it! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok, tagging @stasherbag to show us how you're storing your bags and reducing single-use plastic.

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