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Article: Stasher-saurus: Get the new stencil pack, free!

Stasher-saurus: Get the new stencil pack, free!

Stasher-saurus: Get the new stencil pack, free!

Stasher Squad, you never cease to inspire us! From the creative uses you find for your Stashers, to the sustainability tips you share, the fridgies you post, and… even the reviews you leave us:

“Held FIVE candy bars. Made a stellar bday gift for my friend. 11/10 would recommend. Wicked colors and we out here saving the planet. What more could you want? Dinosaurs on it? Yes. Dinosaurs. That would be cool. But it’s still pretty cool without dinosaurs.”

We can’t argue with that. Dinosaurs do make everything better. 

So, we reached out to one of our favorite artists, Rad and Happy, to create a set of stencils that not only fit on your reusable Stashers, but give your kids (your inner child totally counts) a chance to get creative.


Wait, you can write on a Stasher? Yes! Personalizing your reusable silicone Stasher bag is a great way to label lunches, add dates to food before you freeze it, put your name on your snacks, or add tear weights for bulk shipping. Also, dinosaurs. 

Download this all-new stencil pack for FREE, and don't forget to share your designs with us on Instagram using #Stasherbag!

It’s easy:

    • Download the design pack here.
    • Print them out and cut along the dotted guidelines. Eco tip: print on the blank side of junk mail to make this even more planet-friendly. 
    • Grab some Stasher sandwich bags, chalk or whiteboard markers, and let the fun begin! Use Sharpies for a permanent look. 
    • Tip: writing on the matte side will hold the markings better.


PS — We’re giving away a whole lot of Stashers!
To help kick this fall off right, we’ll be giving 5 lucky schools a Stasher bag for every student and educator. Yup, you read that right! Your whole school can help reduce plastic waste, reimagine a litter-free lunch, and live a life with less plastic. 
All US schools K-12 are eligible. Nominate your school by October 15, 2020.

Nominate your school

School donation


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