6 Stencils for Autumn

We're falling all over ourselves with excitement for the new season! And what better way to celebrate than with fun, spooky, and Autumn-themed stencils for your Stasher bags? These make it easy to get creative and turn sustainability into an activity the whole family can enjoy.

How to Use Stencils to Draw on a Stasher Bag

STEP 1 👉 CLICK HERE to download the pdf file that includes the 6 stencils pictured below.

Fall Stencils to Decorate Stasher Bags

Fall Stencils to Decorate Stasher Bags Fall Stencils to Decorate Stasher Bags

STEP 2 👉 Print the stencils, cut along the dotted guidelines, then place inside a Stasher Sandwich bag (see notes below for more bag options).

 Cute Autumn Stencils for DIY Crafts

STEP 3 👉 Using non-toxic chalk markers, trace the stencil on the matte side of the bag.

 Cute and colorful stencils for silicone bags

Stasher Bag Decorating Tips

  • For more about writing on Stasher bags, plus cleaning tips, read this blog
  • These stencils are designed to fit a Sandwich bag, but will also work with others — particularly larger bags (QuartHalf Gallon) and Stand-Up bags.
  • To minimize waste when printing stencils, find a piece of paper that’s no longer needed and use the blank side.

Please share your creations with us by tagging @stasherbag on Instagram or TikTok!

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