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Article: 40 Things to Stash in Your Stand-Up Stasher

40 Things to Stash in Your Stand-Up Stasher

40 Things to Stash in Your Stand-Up Stasher

We asked our Squad what they would stash in the new Stand-Up Stasher and dozens of you said “everything!” And that’s exactly what we wanted to hear, because this is an endlessly reusable bag with an ocean of possibilities!

But seriously, there are so many things you can store — and cook— in the Stand Up Stasher. Here are 40 great ideas to get you started. Hit us up on Instagram @stasherbag with more stashables to add to the list!  


Dry goods in bulk - take the Stand Up Stasher to your grocery store and hit up the bulk bins for all your goods sans plastic! Stash beans, seeds, nuts, flour, pasta, coffee and more!

Salad - mason jar salads are kind of a thing these days, but you can avoid the weight, breakability and small opening of mason jars by filling your stasher with fresh greens and veggies (and use your pocket stasher for dressing!).

Herbs - Preserve the abundant flavors and aromas of your favorite herbs, especially those full, fluffy bundles of cilantro and parsley.

Freezer Foods - save your nut milks, pestos, baby foods and more by freezing them in an ice cube tray. Then, pop out those perfect little portions, stash them in your Stand Up Stasher and freeze ‘em until you’re ready to use ‘em.

Instant Pot & Slow Cooker Meals - Save yourself from scrubbing! The Stand Up Stasher fits perfectly inside your instant pot or slow cooker. So fill it with your curries, soups and stews, then drop it (like it's hot) in the pot to cook. This stasher’s wider opening allows for easy ladling, and once the goods are gone, just pop it in the dishwasher. Less mess, hell yes!

Liquids - Speaking of soups, the Stand Up Stasher is your best bag for storing sloshy liquids in the fridge or freezer.

More ways to stash what you savor:

  • Marinate meats
  • Save leftovers
  • Stash take-out from a restaurant and refuse single-use plastic containers
  • Preserve whole fruits and veggies
  • Organize meal prep and smoothie prep
  • Keep cookies, brownies and other baked goods fresh
  • Pop popcorn
  • Save your compost on the go
  • Collect citrus peels to make cleaning solution
  • Store your foraging bounty of mushrooms and greens

                    Stasher Magic for the Mamas

                    The Stand Up Stasher is a game changer for your diaper bag! You can stash the items below and more. And when its empty, it collapses and folds up to save space.

                    • DIY wipes
                    • Diaper bag dirties
                    • Breast pump parts
                    • Pacifiers, bottles & teethers
                    • Toys - action figures, hot wheels, legos, etc.
                    • Homemade play dough

                    Goods for Girls (and Boys)

                    Cosmetics - Gone are the days of gunk! This is a makeup bag you can clean in the dishwasher or even boil to sanitize. Plus you can see what you’ve stashed, so no more endless digging for that eyeliner.

                    Hair accessories - Organize your rollers, clips, claws and pins, or take your products on the go!

                    Period stash - Keep your cup, tampons, pads and panty liners safe in one place.

                    Stash On The Go

                    Used reusables - Use the Stand Up Stasher to contain your coffee cup or soiled stasher so bits and drips don’t dirty up your day.

                    • Sweaty gym clothes
                    • Wet swimsuits
                    • Cords/chargers
                    • Sunscreens, salves, etc for adventures

                    Camera - Taking your camera to the beach? Keep it sand-free in your Stand Up Stasher.

                    Pack it out - if you create waste on your next adventure or while you're just out running errands, stash it until you have an opportunity to dispose of it in the most responsible way. 

                    • Pet food
                    • Pet accessories
                    • First Aid kit

                    Unique Home Uses

                    Art supplies - Keep your paints, oils and clay from drying out

                    Germinating seeds - stash some soil, plant some seeds and start new life! The Stand Up Stasher makes a happy, humid home for germination (just leave the seal open).  

                    • Leftover potting soil 
                    • Spools of ribbon
                    • Fabric scraps

                    What can't this new Stasher bag do?! Show us your favorite ways to use it on Instagram and tag @stasherbag for a chance to be featured in our feed! 

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